1. Kristen, this is a valuable article. I will definitely refer people to it when they insist that they just “can’t” have a blog. I love the way you list their most likely excuses and then say why they aren’t valid reasons and give ideas of how to cope with their reservations. Going to Google for ideas is an easy way to come up with topics to discuss.

  2. Funny you should mention — yesterday, as I was jammed between my regular workload as well as pumping out 2 proposals for prospects, I kept thinking “What the hell am I going to blog about this week?” And then it occurred to me: I just wrote a book and oh, the challenges I faced. Bingo! My blog, banged out at oh-dark-thirty this morning, offered tips for new self-publishing authors. Which speaks to your point about write about your business. If nothing else, give people an inside look as to what it’s like to be in your business and offer suggestions. Or may be “what not to do.” Great stuff, Kristen. Another super post.

  3. I am so busted here, Kristen! I’ve used half these excuses. LOL. But I found when I actually committed to my blog (which meant committing to my business and myself), the excuses went away as well.
    Great post!

  4. This was fun Kristen! I love how you wrote this post. When I am stumped on how to start a blog topic I always search the keywords to help find something similar so I can get some inspiration. I am working with a client that consistently puts herself down about her procrastination on blogging. I just don’t have any compassion for the excuses. Sorry to say. So I just help her refocus and get inspired and it seems to help. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, yes I agree, we need to blog… although, as you are well aware, I was only just complaining about not having time for this!!! We so many thing vying for our attention, it does get difficult to know what to let go of. But you are right, our blog is our voice and our clients, our prospective clients need to hear us.

    • Yes yes yes Lisa! So glad you agree and are MAKING time to do it. You are right, as entrepreneurs, we have so many things pulling us, the catch is to know what works in the short and long run and make it work! Glad you agree. 😉

  6. We recently posted about our website traffic report for 2015 and made a point about the Blog page being the 2nd one receiving most traffic after the home page.

    Obviously people are checking and are interested in what you write about before they decide to hire you. Really important to have a blog and really important to call the option Blog and not another creative name.

  7. I think fear of blogging is the biggest reason. It does seem intimidating until you start. Now, it is intimidating to think of switching to but I am going to do it very soon. Planning and learning. Thanks.

  8. Busted. Great catchy & true. No excuses or complaints. I have a load of them you didn’t list but I’m committed to a weekly blog & did succeed most of last year. Why should this year be any different?

  9. Okay, you hit some of my favorite excuses, I mean reasons, for not posting. Thanks to blog groups, I’m back on track – but we are all totally BUSTED by this post. Thanks for pointing out the importance of blogging – and how easy it really is to put information out to our clients, potential clients. Love the post!

  10. My first thought Kristen, was, if someone doesn’t even have a website….forget blogging and get a website! That would seem to be a first priority for anyone who wants to have a presence for themselves and their business online. As far as blogging, I honestly feel that the market is inundated with information and sometimes I would love it if fewer people were regurgitating content that zillions of other people have already shared. The key, as you mention, is to find your voice and to share from that personal perspective. Great points for the “excuse” people, and like you also say, there are always people who can help you create content that speaks to your tribe.

  11. Agree on all of your points, when starting to blog so much changed, and I do not even blog that much about my real job, that is a translator. However, everywhere I go or often clients contacting me for work know I am passionate about wine saying they have read my posts. So in the end it also helps my translation business. 😉

  12. Very insightful post. I make it a goal to blog at least three times a week. No excuses, just want to stick to a schedule!

  13. As hard as it is some days to think of writing another blog, I still do. I now find myself sitting on a goldmine of material I can turn into reports and e-books. Now, I need to motivate myself to get my act together and turn them into reports and e-books. If I have no blog excuses then I can’t have any other writing excuses. Thanks for putting everything into perspective.

  14. I’ve been blogging for years and still make these excuses sometimes. Then I give myself a shake and man up about it. Blogging is an excellent way to connect with your audience. You’re spot on about MLMers Kristen. Joining a multi-level marketing company can be a great way to start your business because there’s so much done for you. But you still have to find a way to stand out from the rest of the pack. Your blog can be the thing to help you do that.

  15. Writer’s block is a real thing, but I have a way to overcome it. There are opposite times when the ideas just flow out and I keep a list for those days when I’m stumbling to come up with something.

  16. Agree, agree, agree! I used to work for a company where some people understood the need for a blog but the most important person didn’t… the owner. There was not convincing him.

  17. What are you talking about, we all have the same amount of time in one day? lol. Trust me, I’ve been writing. I just haven’t been writing to an audience that would appreciate my wit and snarky humor. However, I hereby promise to take time off of my academic writing to keep my blog full of witty and snarky posts! Thank you for the debunking inspiration, Cupcake! 🙂

  18. This should hit some folks smack in the face. I was this way just a year ago. Didn’t know what to write about, didn’t have time, etc. But I’ve been blogging for a year now and I actually enjoy it. You just have to start. And regarding poor grammar/spelling, you can download Grammarly’s free version and problem solved. It even just told me that I misspelled Grammarly.

  19. I do not blog a lot because of the same reason feel like I can’t do it as good as I should. I have been trying and thanks to your article I know I don’t have to be perfect.

  20. These are some really good points, especially the tip of putting your own spin on news and original content others are coming up with. Skimming the trending topics section of social networks works wonders to generating ideas, too.

  21. Great points! I can not understand why all businesses do not have a web presence. Personally, the first thing I do when checking out a business is a web search. Here’s the thing, even if the business does NOT have a website, it’s online. Leaving your brand’s reputation in someone else’s hands, like a review on Yelp, is like playing Russian Roulette. Just don’t do it.

  22. I have definitely used the first couple a lot. Thanks for the motivation! I know I could do much better than I am now, I just have to set me mind to it!


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