• I think you do well Lisa.. blogs are great.. I’m sure you just aren’t sharing only blogs.

  1. I love the reminder social media is not about you, it’s about them. I’m in the process of trying to promote another FB page I have and really need to keep your advice in mind as so far I’ve only been posting links to my craft posts. I need to add other people’s content. Great advice, as always, Kristen.

  2. Many important takeaways here! You know I’m always going on about this topic. Move people from social to your site. Then do the selling on your site. Social media is not about you, that’s so true! Lead with value and forget about the rest, another true point. The few times I have used social media for a couple of promotional posts I have been unsuccessful. Social media is all about free value and getting targeted, relevant leads into my sales funnel. I like how you illustrate that sharing information is helpful and not harmful to one’s brand. Always smart tips!

  3. You nailed Kristen! I have had a love hate relationship with social media because the etiquette of how to do business is dying. Its a free for all and the masses are all about themselves. Such great tips here to help every online marketer do social media the RIGHT way!

  4. Kristen,
    I lovedthe article and second when you defined what social media purpose is made me think of why this is useful for other people and it helpsus engage with our audience, but it is for them . Also, I agree in differnt states there are ways ti make connections and learn more about the different ways other people use social media and make connections.

    Thank You,

    Lori English

  5. Hi Kristen,

    Love your use of the phrase “big dog.” I believe this to be true as well about providing value. If someone jumps ship because of a link you shared on a competitors blog then you never had them. I love that social media marketing (or any marketing for me) is not all about selling. Having fun and creating relationships along the way is more natural. Most clients I’ve connected with through social media came from relationship building over time anyway so it totally works versus me trying to sell them from “Hello.”

    • That’s exactly it Geniece… the large majority of my clients are from relationships I have built… BOOM!

  6. Nice post Kristen.

    I like the way you focus on your relationship and follower instead of what you want to sell. A lot of people forget that.

    “… if they jump ship from something you shared, then they never had that relationship with them and heck, maybe you don’t want them!?” PERFECT. On social media, the more targeted and appropriate the pairing, the better off. With or without. We want the people who will need us someday. Not the ones who aren’t hearing our message.


  7. Those who are constantly pitching products or services on FB usually don’t get much attention from me either. My intention is always to share info and educate people, or at least provoke new ways of looking at themselves and the world around them. I’ve known about the 80/20 rule for a long time and find there is always plenty of material to share with others to do that easily. My concern is that people’s attention spans are dwindling in the online world, making it more challenging to capture their attention and engage them. For me, the key is to build relationships and that requires conversations and answering all comments people are kind enough to make on may posts. Thanks, as always, for the great reminders in this post, Kristen!

    • Truth.. build the relationships and provide value Bev. If they know, like and trust you, they are more likely to READ your content.

  8. Social media= I love to hate it. Really, its very hard to know when you’ve crossed the over promotion line, so I tend to skip it altogether. Loved hearing how others are making this work for them.

  9. Great info! I have just recently gotten comfortable with actually selling or directing people for my offer, so good advice to make sure I don’t overdo it!

    • As long as you are promoting/selling less than you are providing other value, motivation, info, fun.. you will be fine Kimberly.

  10. Kristen this is information that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Social media, for business, is about building relationships not about hocking your wares like you’re holding a megaphone in a sideshow. Though this message seems to have been lost on some people. Things people would never do in person they have no problem doing online. Manners matter online as well as offline.

    • Sadly, manners don’t exist as much in real life as it used to and also… online, is worse.. agreed Christy!

  11. Amen, Kristen. Great tips. I find the more I am in different facebook groups, for example, providing value (like I know you do) the more people will pay attention when I am promoting something. It’s all about building relationships!

  12. One of the things I’ve learned is that you have to be the source of good information. People will remember you for that and if they want more information that’s what your email list is for. It’s the list that tells you who is interested and a potential customer to market to.

    • Thank you for saying that Joan… I am doing what I preach about which makes me super happy! Thank you!

  13. It amazes me that people I look up to as reputable salesmen and women still do this. I recently had a connection request on LinkedIn, and immediately I accepted it, I got an automated pitch message asking me to join a network marketing company. Lol! Even on LinkedIn?! Thanks for the tips.

  14. This resonates with me so much. I’ve actually sat in meetings where someone in a similar industry has said, “I don’t want to share her content, blah blah blah, because she’s my competitor.” That really shows a lot of insecurity as well. I feel like when you are confident enough to share your competitor that that only makes you look better. I feel like it makes you look like you are surrounded by an incredible group of peers who really know their stuff. And therefore, you do too!

  15. Great wisdom here, Kristen. So many of these fears about losing business to ‘competitors’ are just that: fears. This is a great reminder for me not to fall into that trap – I admit my thinking has veered that way at times. It is great when we can relax and be natural and share what lights us up – without calculations. This is ironic, since so much web advice tell us to be strategic – so it’s a fine and sometimes blurry line to follow when we are still on the path to figuring out what works for us. Many thanks.

  16. Great points here Kristen!

    I wasn’t sure if you are talking about personal or business profiles. I stopped posting to my Facebook personal profile about a year ago and just use my Facebook business page. I’m not concerned about linking to my ‘competition’, but I’d have to make a point to research to see what they are talking about that is relevant to my topic (and social media is usually an afterthought for me).

    • Well, I specifically mean business because we are supposed to be using our business pages for business and not our personal, sadly, too many are doing that too. I hear you and great job!

  17. Great post. The percentage is right on too. It’s pretty annoying to be pestered on Facebook to buy odds and ends. Especially by friends and family members. You like to support them, but day after day with something new….


  1. […] Even if your competition is using social media to help market themselves, you can still totally set yourself apart from them by doing all that you can to make it a positive experience.  Create content that isn’t about sales, provide value. Share things that your audience would enjoy, that show you are human, like funny photos of staff, or photos that you can find that relate to your business.  Show the customer that you are there to engage with them, not push your own product or brand.  A customer is looking for a way to engage with a business online and if you keep the sales content to a minimum it will be all that more effective, and it will bring in more customers.  They don’t want to be pushed into a corner with over the top sales-related content. […]

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