1. Kristen, my darling, I will say this: Google business listings (whether they are called Places or Map or anything else, and yes, they change all the time) are absolutely required. Your website — if not properly optimized — can be many pages back in Google search, but if you get your listing done, it can be on page 1 virtually all the time. I also recommend to my clients to go with Bing and Yahoo!, although Bing doesn’t have the same analytics available for free. Do it!

    • Thanks Jackie! And yes, they ARE required and definitely beneficial. Yahoo/Bing are sort of merged but Webmaster tools on the one will help too. Free, just a few minutes. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I have my personal page all set up and I don’t use my Business page. Do you think it makes a difference the way that it does for Facebook? I was told that it didn’t, but I also know that I manually have to post on G+ since I can’t do personal on Hootsuite!

    • Well, you are a little different Heather in that you have branded yourself personally for your business, so I would say you are fine… you are still keeping Google happy by having a personal G+ anyways! So, the only way it would matter right now, is that it is a pain for you. So that’s kind of whether you want to do what you did on FB Biz by creating a G+ biz page so you can function in HS and not manual… but you probably have invested a lot of time there… so up to you on that! 😉

  3. A lot of great info here. Its so easy to get confused with all the different applications but thanks for breaking it down and clearing up some of the confusion. Well done!

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