1. That’s a great tip, Kristen and so easy. I’ve done it in the past but haven’t thought of it lately. Love the little video and hearing your voice! You always give great suggestions.

  2. Thanks Kristen! I love to learn new and easy ways to gain Facebook fans. You can be assured, I will be giving this option a try.

  3. I saw this topic come up recently in a group & was surprised so many people didn’t know about it. I’ve been using it for months & it definitely works. One add you might use when responding. One is to make sure you start using your personal name, not your page/business name.

    What I wish they did was they don’t change the invited to liked after the person accepts & likes your page. It forever will show up in future posts as invited. So I try paying attention but sometimes I invite many at once & dont always watch for new fans.

    Love your little tutorials.

    • Didn’t realize they didn’t change the invited to liked after, but then again, surely this wasn’t something to push… you know, they want our money first and foremost! lol Thanks Roz!

  4. I did know about this Kristen and have used it a few times, although I somehow feel if someone only has liked one post of mine, it might seem presumptuous to invite them to like my page too. Enjoyed your ease with this and will consider inviting more people to like my page who seem a good fit for my message and my posts. It is always interesting to see who “finds” some of my writer page posts, as I have more interaction with some of my posts on my personal page. Sometimes those people I will send a personal invite for my business page and put the link in the message. When people invite me to like their pages and I do, I also send them a personal note asking if they will consider liking my writer page. Appreciate your easy to understand video tutorial too!

    • But think of it this way, Bev, if they don’t want to like the page, they don’t have to. It isn’t like you are bombarding people who never engaged with you. They have and they should be asked. They always have that option not to. Glad you liked the video, thank you!

  5. What a great admin tip, Kristen. It really is all about some level of personal engagement that can draw someone in. Taking the time to reach out by inviting them one by one at times can pay off in the end. Your video was a solid and helpful step by step too.

  6. My non-techy self stumbled over this opportunity awhile ago. I don’t have a high percentage of people who end up liking my page from this method, but those I do get are totally worth the effort. Now to get them to my list. I hit 1000 FB followers on Valentine’s Day, but have a struggling list of 11. It can only go up from here, right? Working on that kick-butt free offer. . .

    • No worries Brenda, a non-techie can turn into a well versed business owner if you are open to new opportunities! Yes, it CAN only go up from here. List building is slow which is great that you started it early on! Get that kick butt offer out there!

  7. Thanks Kristen – someone had just mentioned this last week at a conference and this is a perfect reminder to step up engagement with those who have indicated an interest in content I’ve posted. Love the video!1

  8. Another good tip Kristen. I need to get better at social media engagement. I just thought that people would naturally like you page if they wanted to. Now, I see the value in having an invite. It also reminds them of who you are.

  9. That’s a great idea. When I first started, I didn’t even mind creating a facebook page for my website. It was something I never considered doing. And then I saw how effective it was in terms of increasing traffic and getting people interested. That’s when I decided it was time. Thanks for the tips!

  10. This is genius!! I have been getting a lot more FB engagement lately, but not a ton of new page likes. I’m going to put this to the test this week. THANK YOU!

  11. Hey, Kristen. Love your video tutorials! I had heard about this but have not done it yet. I guess I was afraid of being pushy? Anyway, thanks for reinforcing that it is ok to ask and hey, if they don’t want to like my page, they don’t have to! 🙂

    • Thanks Mindy, glad you liked the ‘like’ video. I didn’t figure being pushy since THEY engaged with us first.. but yep, they don’t have to take the invite.

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