1. Yes, I do have Google Analytics on my website and yes, I do have it set up. However, I am not optimizing how I use it, based on all the info in your post, Kristen. It sounds like there is a lot more I could learn from it if I analyzed the data more often. I do find the traffic and demographic section interesting, For some unexplained reason, my demographics always show up as males who are rather young. Because some of the stats don’t seem to make sense, I guess I haven’t taken it too seriously. Thanks for confirming why I would be wise to utilize Google Analytics to the fullest.

    • That is interesting indeed Bev, about the males.. what I’d do is grab those guys, then filter to see what brought them to you, that would be a little more telling, I’d think

  2. I have Google Analytics installed, Kristen, but I know I’m not really making the most of it. I’m not even sure I know how to access all the information you mentioned but I realise it’s something I’ll have to investigate further. Thank you for the helpful advice.

  3. I’m certainly not a tech geek or a numbers person, nonetheless, I really see the value in this. As you know, I am running a launch right now for my new online community, AtoZ Healing Space. I just learned how to take a look at a ‘leader board’ of top referrers. It is such valuable information, and Google Analytics is in the same category, or perhaps even more so! Helpful post!

  4. I have Google Analytics and look at it every once in a while. I guess I better move this up on my to-do list and pay more attention. Thanks for the kick in the rear.

  5. Honestly, Kristen, I do not know how anyone with a website survives without Google Analytics. It is such a life saver with the details it provides. I do check mind on a weekly basis to monitor whats happening on my site. Also, the data it provides help in optimizing my site for better conversion.

    • Wow, weekly Apolline, that is wonderful.. good for you. And you nailed it in 2 parts – how can they not (it is free) and it sure does provide more value about conversion and what’s working as far as traffic to the site

  6. Love that you provided an overview of what Google Analytics can do! I do use it, although I’m not using it to its full extent. What I’d like to do is use it to track conversions and to do more tracking customer journeys. But my eye glaze over when I begin to really deep dive into setting up some of the tracking features. 😉 Funny that we both focused on metrics & analysis in our blogs last week! I said it in my blog & I’ll say it again here since it applies: what’s not inspected isn’t respected. Gotta review your metrics to improve your business!

    • Yea, I found that funny too Meghan, we are definitely in sync too. Yea, you may consider setting up goals, for a few things and plan with more simple metrics.. or for shits and giggles, see what exit pages are.. or take a look at only a few metrics, because as you mentioned.. the glaze over can happen quickly! lol

  7. I do have Google Analytics on my site and always make sure my clients do too. I reference it, but know that what I use it for is only a drop in the bucket of what it could be doing for me! It’s on my list to hire you to help me make the most of it one day soon!

    • I’m glad you do Mindy, always helpful to know WHERE your traffic is coming from. There are a lot of pieces we all could be utilizing in GA!

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