1. Such an important topic. I recently heard a tale of woe from a good friend who was co authoring a book with a friend. As soon as a publisher showed interest, the partner was trying to get rid of her. Its been horrendous & unsettling & I directed her to a lawyer. They should have had a contract when they started. Now they will have to have one to continue.

    In my business, we have customer satisfaction to deal with, we have a return policy posted.

  2. I’m always wondering about legal contracts. We used a lawyer to set up our business as a corporation, so I feel okay in that regard. But contracts are a pain in the rear! A legal service is one of those things that we don’t value until after we need it, right? This is on my list to check out. Thanks for pointing all of the scary things in business – and in life – that could happen, lol! These are situations we don’t want to deal with but better to be prepared.

    • I used lawyer as consult Meghan but created my LLC myself.. but good though. Contracts are a pain and I think it might have been needed more with web development and such. Glad you will check it out.

  3. Great points, Kristen. I think it’s imperative to separate your business from your personal assets, so if your readers don’t have that type of protection, they need to get it NOW. I’m a firm believer in using licensed professionals — such as accountants and attorneys — because if they screw up, they’ve got a license you can go after. This also falls under the “outsourcing” category. If there was anything in the world that you should spend money on, it’s legal advice.

  4. I’ve been a member of Legal Shield for over 20 years and wouldn’t be without it. They’ve helped me with both business and personal legal issues and I love their Identity theft program. Well worth it.

  5. Having had a long-time lawyer, I know how invaluable it is to have someone you trust and can count on to run your contracts and other legal matters by. The interesting thing is the Canadian law and U.S. law are very different, and a lawyer here in Canada cannot offer true advise for the U.S. My book contract is a Nevada contract, although the company is in California. They set it up that way to protect themselves apparently. When I bought my condo in Arizona, again, my lawyer could not act on my behalf and we had to get a title company to act on my behalf. I do know a lot of people who are very happy with legal shield and it has been around for a long time if my memory serves me correctly. Glad it has been so helpful for you and your family. Great peace of mind for sure, Kristen.

    • You are so right Bev and that is the cool think about Legal Shield, it works in every state… not sure about Canada but surely there are some there. Glad you know and have the resources to get the help you need

  6. Very valuable advice Kristen, what a small price to pay for big piece of mind. One of the hardest things I’m dealing with is scaling my business. As it grows the more I need services like this!

  7. I never hestitate when it comes to hiring a lawyer for setting up a business, and any other legal situation that arises. I have however fallen short when it comes to having my will written! Thanks for the reminder, I’m putting that on my list for this month!!

  8. Very good points and so true Kristen, sometimes as a translator hassle with payments do happen. Even though I since years try and check that out before, but then sometimes stuff happens anyway. And in our translator association we have help with how to formulate contracts etc.

  9. Years ago, I had a lawyer draw up a contract for me to work with web design clients. I never ended up needing it because I got a full-time job. Now that I am working as a blogger (and freelance blog designer), I really should get some sort of protection… I don’t even have an LLC!

  10. Would it be bad if I told you that I don’t have any? I didn’t know it was this important and it definitely makes perfect sense. Thank you so much!

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