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Create & run your Facebook business page like a Pro with this DIY hands-on FB video series. These videos are delivered weekly, created in bite-sized pieces so you can put it to action immediately and ready for the next steps. Boom Your Biz today!

This is an 8 week video series where 1 video will be available each week giving you time to watch the video and apply what you learned then be ready for the next lesson. All lessons will be available on this membership only site and you will receive an email to remind you to come back each week to watch the next lesson.

The basic 8 week course start date will be based upon when you enroll and the next lesson will be available 7 days after the prior one. See the details of what is available in each lesson as well as a bonus and 6 optional upgrades. Check it out below.

8 Week Facebook Video Series

8 videos over 8 weeks with a bonus video in week 8 as well as 6 optional supplemental videos you'll want to be sure to grab!


  • 1 - Creating a business Facebook page & why
  • 2 - Explain yourself and your business - show them
  • 3 - Linking personal and business - hook up your friends
  • 4 - What to post - how, when, what & get creative
  • 5 - Engage as the business - scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
  • 6 - Handling distractions - wait, what were we doing
  • 7 - Facebook filters, boosting - what are they and how to play the game
  • 8 - Facebook ads - playing the game
  • 8.5 Free Bonus - Facebook groups - benefits of groups
  • ***Add-on - Canva - creating awesome images and more (week 2)
  • ***Add-on - Post Planner - benefits of having viral content (week 4)
  • ***Add-on - Hootsuite - scheduling out the distractions - (Buffer peek) (week 6)
  • ***Add-on - PicMonkey - create images, resize and more (week 8)
  • ***Add-on - LinkedIn - dive into your B2B with LI (week 8)
  • ***Add-on - Dropbox - the benefits and why of cloud storage (week 8)

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