1. Great explanation, Kristen. I learned this so long ago, while speaking at writers’ conferences. There, as anywhere, writers wanted to know what I could do for them. As time went on, literary agents knew they could trust the clients I referred to them, and began to seek me out. It truly is about the value you can provide!

  2. I have never really been involved in networking groups, but I’m starting a venture that will require it and this is valuable information. I loved the paper clip story. It really is important to vary the way you present things so misunderstandings are sorted and people don’t zone out. Thanks once again for your helpful advice Kristen.

    • Yes… the trusty paper clip.. hilarious… sweet gal too, but she just didn’t understand.. until we had a 1on1 meeting… and THEN, she learned, which is all about getting to know each other, valuable lesson for me. Thanks Tami. Good luck on your new venture too!

  3. Ok, LOVE the video! You’re a natural! Your personality shines through and adds to the know, like, trust factor. Great job! As for networking, I’m convinced it’s the best way to find customers and colleagues. Business in today’s world is all about relationships. Your advice is solid. I need to work on my 30 second elevator pitch. That paper clip story was hilarious and a good lesson!

    • Thank you about video Meghan, I feel like a dork, but it’s all good! lol So true.. it is all about relationships and when business owners understand that, they will be better!

  4. For over 2 years I hosted my own networking group and set very poweful intentions of collaborations, how can you serve, reciprocity and the like. I wanted to paint a bigger picture of how they participated fully in present moment and how that really created the next. It is obvious you have been at it for a while with these thorough tips. Love the paper clip story too! Good stuff Kristen!

    • That is awesome Teresa that you even hosted one… I ended up quickly on the board as secretary one year and vice president the next… too time consuming.. but I did my part. Thank you!

  5. Great tips here Kristen. Networking is about building relationships. Period. I love your idea of asking for a specific lead. I will start doing this. And assuming everyone understands our jargon is huge. Love your pay-per-click story

  6. Paper clip – lol. THAT is too funny, Kristen. I so love all the truth bombs you shared in this article. EVERY business owner needs to read this. I’m sharing everywhere! I really loved your tip about having the same 30 second elevator pitch every time. I tend to say something different every time but I haven’t shared a tidbit that can help them in my 30 second pitch. I’m going to start doing that today.

    Networking for me is about CONNECTION. It’s about giving value, giving value and giving more value. To build the know, like, trust factor, we must give value. I have used networking to build friendships, affiliate partners, joint venture partners, and experts to interview for my community. Last year alone, I interviewed over 70 amazing women and shared these interviews with my community to ADD VALUE for everyone.

    I’m reminded of the quote – People forget what you do but they never forget how you made them feel. THIS is my motto.

    Thanks for this article.

    • GREAT motto Tandy and you just NAILED it… thank you so much for the feed back and keep providing VALUE! You rock!

  7. Fantastic explanation Kristen of what it REALLY means to be networking, not just online, but offline at networking meetings 🙂 It is all in building those relationships!!! I 100% agree that it is DEFINITELY NOT about you 🙂 Knowing the value that you bring and want to share is key but seeking out others who want to build that relationship is what will help both of you in the long run 🙂

    Great post and share!

  8. Although I have not attended official marketing networking groups, I do see daily life as a networking opportunity and go about my day with my ears open. I think we each develop our own style of connecting with people and building relationships and for me at least, the relationship is the most important thing. Personal experience also is important to me and I find those who can share about their personal experiences with others effectively, also can build solid relationships built on trust and respect. And yes, I always carry business cards with me and give them out when appropriate. Thanks for the inside view of things to do in a marketing networking group situation, Kristen!

    • Well Beverley.. you are doing just what I do in networking groups but not in front of a group of people…

  9. As an introvert in person networking events are really not my jam. I feel awkward from the get-go and it never fails, I always attract THAT person. The one that you can not get away from to save your life and you are sucked down a 2 hour rabbit hole listening to their life story and why their products/services are the best. I had to block one lady from Facebook after a networking event and she messaged me more than 10 times in ONE week about her skin care products, her website, could she give me a complimentary facial, joining her opportunity. Never once did she ask me about myself, my family, my interests or my business. Definitely a Networking 101 Do NOT lol. Great post as always lady!

    • Thanks for sharing that April… and as a 100% extrovert… I know just about you introverts and we usually attract to each other. I have many besties that are intros.. so what YOU need to do, is find that person in networking and they’ll do the work FOR YOU! 😉 BTW.. makeup / skin care lady… she FAILED!

  10. I never go to networking events to distribute my business cards. Instead, I collect as many as possible and after the event, call these people and start a conversation. It helps to build a better foundation, and people feel more open talking to you that way than when you give them your cards and expect to hear from them.

  11. I don’t really go to networking groups anymore. I’m more likely to go to conferences where I can spend more time having personal conversations of interest. Good tips for the networkers out there.

    • That’s awesome Joyce… networking groups are just like conferences… just different venues. 😉

  12. Great explanation. I learn a lot about networking from your post. It open my mind and show me the corrected way to build the networking. It does not easy as give my business card in the meeting. It needs time and build their trust.
    Thanks for write the amazing post. I will share it with my friends


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