1. Great advice about making sure you’re killing it rather than putting up with mediocre or worse results. I concentrated on Twitter initially, moved to Facebook and am now spending a lot of effort mastering (as if you ever really master) YouTube. While I still maintain a presence on other social platforms it’s been really useful honing my skills one platform at a time.

  2. Great advice, Kristen! I especially liked what you said about completing your profile. It’s so important that people know who they’re dealing with. If I find someone on Twitter with an egg pic and no bio, I skip them. Period. If they can’t be bothered to tell me who they are and what they represent, I can’t be bothered with them.

  3. I read this as a newbie. Only thing I’d add or emphasize is: don’t do too many platforms at once. Start with 1 or 2 til sure of what you are doing. Build them up. Watch free webinars on those platforms. Dont buy every new program unless you have time to implement & know how to implenment.

    1 last thought, if you can, after getting feel of what you are doing, hire a coach. Saves trial & error.

    • I thought I mentioned that, picking one then moving to the other… but great point. Too often small business owners go ALL IN too quickly then get overwhelmed. Good additional tips too Roslyn!

  4. Your 20% self promotion to 80% of what’s in it for them rule is crucial. I see people on both sides of the spectrum. WAY to much self promotion, or not nearly enough. You do an excellent job of connecting with your followers, so I think you’ve got that covered 🙂 Great tips for everyone to make sure they have their bases covered.


  1. […] You have a great website – YAY!  You may also be doing some pay per click advertising as well – double YAY.  But the question is… are you everywhere your target market is?  If not, a great place to be is on social media.  I don’t mean you need to be on every one. I work in social media and I can’t even keep up. There is so much out there, so be sure to take baby steps! […]

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