1. I totally agree with you! I’ve quotes you in my Hootsuite for later this week. It is a really good question and I don’t know why so many people don’t want to make an investment in their business for those types of things and struggle. I know when I have things I can’t do, I just outsource it. It’s better than me getting bald spots. Great post!

    • Thanks so much Heather…and I look forward to being quoted! YAY Me! But it’s so true, we hold ourselves back because we don’t have the money, but how could we not go deep into our pockets to give ourselves the opportunity to further ourselves by spending a little money to better our business. It’s like our own ROI, right? Thanks!

  2. Exactly! I’m starting to get much better at delegating. The struggle for me was to hire the right people, but as I’m finding them and identifying the items I can delegate, it has become much easier. And there really aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. While I think I’m stuck with some things I don’t like to do or am not as skilled at, relinquishing some of the other things more than makes up for it!

    • That is awesome Carissa! Proud of you! 😉 Some things we may have to deal with, but it is good that you recognized what you had to delegate and found those that you trusted with your business or whatever to delegate too. That is just as important. Thanks!

    • Thanks! Well, I am definitely NOT car mechanically inclined, so it was a great way to prove my point! lol I hate car problems, much less paying for them, but I have to in order to have a working car! lol

  3. Great points! It is a lot easier said than done, however 🙂 Here’s hoping that in the new year we all find that happy medium 🙂

    • So very true. I struggle daily with some of these, especially starting out myself, have to pick and choose. But in the long run you have to realize the balance. We are in DIYSocial, so we made that leap of faith after all! 😉

  4. Totally agree with you that you need to outsource those things that aren’t critical for you to do in your business. I’d elaborate more, but time is money 🙂

  5. I never even open the hood— I KNOW it’s not worth my time to figure out my car. lol. some stuff with my business I get wishy washy—- some months I do it myself, some months I hire out….. it’s hard to COMMIT to spending $$$ on certain things I know I CAN do myself. Please don’t ever spend $100 on an oil change, ok? 🙂

    • LOL! I promise Heather, I won’t! I usually take mine in every 5,000 for oil change and whatever else needs to be done and with a car in the 140,000 mile range, there seems to be more and more. I had a GREAT mechanic in VA… hoping I’ll find one to trust in TX. I am with you, I am stubborn and I know I CAN do it… but how long or the extra time to learn to do it perfectly is the problem I have! lol Thanks!

  6. Great food for thought. I am all in favor for outsourcing. If tasks need to get done and I can spend my time doing the things that actually make money, it’s a good deal. Especially if I can make more money than I would pay for outsourcing.

  7. I’m totally with you there Kristen. Why struggle and fudge things you’re not good at when others can do it better and in half the time? Also, people often see marketing as an expense rather than investment. This is very short sighted.

  8. Time is Money! I definitely agree with that! As an entrepreneur, I have to make sure that I am allotting enough time for things that will help me succeed vs. spending time on time consuming things that deter from reaching my goals. I’ve found a to-do list to be really critical for myself in order to stay focused.

  9. Right on the money (so to speak), Kristen! I have found myself in the very same position you describe. After my initial reaction of “I can’t afford it!” I step back, take a deep breath and say, “Can you afford not to?” I have made some of my best decisions using this little trick. And a final comment — you can always find the money if it’s important to you. Great post!

    • Touche! 🙂 I have to do that same very thing and I think why can’t I afford to in order to build, improve and better my business. Where would I be if I spent nothing to create my business before some money comes in? I surely wouldn’t have much of a business. Great final comment. People say in life, not just business, I don’t have the money for xyz but manage to buy abc… it’s what is important. Great! Thanks!

  10. There are certain things that I know I can’t do – mostly anything to do with technology and bookkeeping. If I had to do those, I would never get anything done.

    When a physician sets up a private practice, he does not say “well, I can be the receptionist, answer the phones, schedule the appointments, of take the labwork”. It’s a given that she will need help. It should be a given in the small business arena as well.

  11. I teach full time while building my business and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’ve outsourced some of my daily tasks as things started falling through the cracks. It was hard to do, especially since I’ve been burned before and have adopted the philosophy, “If you want it done right, do it yourself,” but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    • Wow Maria, thanks for all you do. Teaching can definitely be a thankless job at times. So yes, I am very sure you are very busy and can get burned out easily. It is tough to give up some of our responsibility because I am with you… want it done right, the first time, MUCH easier to do yourself… but don’t lose your sanity! lol

  12. Great post and a fabulous topic! I outsource a few things and do what I can do myself. I have a running running list of things I will outsource in the future though when my time will be better spent elsewhere. 😉

  13. I was fortunate enough to learn this lesson at a very young age. While my parents definitely taught me the value of a dollar and I always had a job from the age of 12, I am always more than happy to pay someone else to do what I don’t know. That said, I am willing to give some things a try…changing the oil in my car, though, will never be one of them 🙂

    • LOL Beth! I am soooo with you… NO interest in cars, whatsoever. I am still in the learning stages of outsourcing, as I feel I should be doing it. URGH. Work in progress.. however, I will NOT deal with cars! lol

  14. When I finally pried my fingers off of, well, doing everything, and outsourced the parts of my promotion I know nothing about, it truly changed my life. I’m always looking for ways to outsource more!

  15. Kristen, how clever to use the oil change comparison. That story really makes it easy to see how time really does equal money and the importance of knowing when to seek help so you can concentrate on your own area of expertise.

    • That was a real example Tami… I am that girl.. who feels the need to do everything.. so it’s so real and we need to put things in those terms. Thanks girl!

  16. “Time is money” has been a mantra of mine lately and now I see it written I need to change the mantra to something else, like “Time is abundant” or “Money flows easily.” Having said that I totally agree with you Kristen, that hiring out services is an empowered move. I think the reason so many of us don’t do it as often as would be helpful is that organizing comes first. Today as I go through my day I’ll identify what I can outsource and what I need to do myself. Your site is so clean and easy to read. You rock!

    • You are right Candess… we know it has value but we still hold on, for what? Thanks Candess

  17. Successful business owners don’t do everything themselves. They delegate and outsource so that they can focus on the big ticket items in their businesses. As usual, I agree with you. Time = money and we need to make smart decisions about both. Love your analogy–it makes your point even more obvious!

    • Thanks so much Meggie… and I hope to outsource more and more over the next year. Thank you.

  18. I love your question to everyone. What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? (Paraphrased). This simple exercise helps determine where I need to outsource. And the oil change analogy was perfect! Many years ago I actually learned how to change my oil..and I did it just once. After that I decided to let someone else take care of that task

    • I think I knew.. but I just don’t want to do it Alene! lol Just like you! We have to look at OUR big picture.. indeed!

  19. I love your ideas, Kristen. If I visited your page when you asked that question, I would have given similar answers to what you received. Outsourcing is my biggest problem now. The issue is finding the right person who will understand me and my business and what I want.

    • You aren’t alone Apolline.. and I still struggle with what to give up that doesn’t cost me more time to find someone or explain it. urgh

  20. Wonderful example, Kristen! I am constantly amazed at how people will choose to spend – or not spend – their money. In so many cases, just because you can (or THINK you can) does not mean you should, especially when there are so many things that need your, and only your, attention!

    • Oh girl.. that is so true.. and it’s even tougher if you are super independent and a Jane of all trades… or if you are a little control happy… you know, so I hear. lol


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