1. Kristen — social media is no longer “optional” in business. It’s just like email, then cell phones — a communication tool and platform that is now incorporated into how we live and work. Both email and cell phones took a bit of time to get used to, but most today would hardly know what to do without them!

    • True, you and I know it… and our DIYSocial group but there are many businesses out there with a FB and the most recent post in 2012, and those are with a lot of followers… it’s a shame. I feel for these people and those are the ones I am trying to reach.. like hey… you have this GREAT following, they are potential clients or referrals via their friends. Let’s utilize them… I can help. Thanks Cathy – Truth girl! 😉

  2. Well, of course, being a social media strategist, I completely agree with you.

    There are still so many companies that don’t understand how to use it. Your Facebook page example is perfect. Some businesses feel that just HAVING a Facebook page means that they are using social media, when in fact, a Facebook page with no engagement is probably worse that not having one at all.

    • Well.. you are a smart woman! 😉 Yea, it is like Jackie said.. it’s consistency. I usually think something is better than nothing… however I have seen a site with several hundred followers/likes and no posting with a year… makes me wonder if they are still in business, something happened, loss of income so cutbacks – can’t be good. Good point!

  3. I find often when I meet new people they look me up on social media and connect with me there. I think having some form is presence is almost as important as having a website these days.

  4. People looking for people, businesses for staff, for customers, customers looking for product and proof! social media is the go to right now and will become bigger and better! great job!

    • You and Mike Kawula cheated.. you copied each other! lol However, it is truth… it is a must. The option not to have it will hurt the business. I always say that you have to be where your consumers are, and where your competitors are… otherwise your competitors will get your consumers!

  5. Great points, Kristen. One interesting fact I learned not long ago its that many younger people ( age 25-34) are using social media as their default search engine. Why would you not want to be there? The key is being consistent; you can’t just create a profile and let it sit.

    • Thanks Jackie. I don’t get how the younger folks are using it as a search engine. I don’t think that FB has that much going for them yet. I have a hard time finding the people I know on FB and that is with giving the exact name, location, first born, ssn and the like, they still don’t come up… but still.. why wouldn’t you want to be in front of them. lol

  6. I believe in social media, it just has to be done right. It took me a while and I could not do it without help. Consistency, relating to people and interacting is the key.

    • You are so right Marita… engagement is key. Nothing like doing too much meeeee vomit. Nobody wants to hear all about you but how you can help THEM! Way to reach out and get the extra help that you needed in order to do it right! Good job!

  7. It amazes me that some businesses still do not have a website! I get so frustrated when I can’t find information about a company on the internet.

    • That is also true Jackie. But I get it.. sometimes if they are the one that does all the work, you have to applaud them for at least getting a website and hopefully they will get to getting all the information on there. We hope… or hire someone to fix it up or optimize it, or the like.

  8. Love your thought about the importance of connection. It’s a turn off to me when someone only posts about things they are selling.

    • Agreed! Thanks Melissa! I mean there is a time and place for it, but when you have a product and service to sell, a lot of times folks are turned off by the ME vomit.. especially if that is the start of conversation.

  9. Just playing the other side of the road here – what if a person/business is really BAD at social media. Do you think being on social media platforms can do more harm than good in such a case?

  10. Right! It’s not enough to just have a great website. Rather, we all need some form of a boost from our different social media platforms. So valuable when it comes to reaching our target market. 🙂

    • REST assured… I tread water daily… and I work in the business…there is so much to know.. I love to learn and I have to focus on being focused! lol We’ve got this Maria!

  11. Kristen, You are so right, social media is necessary. Small business can reach and grow like never before with the great tools at our disposal. – T 🙂

  12. Enjoyed your examples Kristen and your point is well made. I could not image not having a FB page. Thank you – T 🙂

    • Thanks Theresa. Agreed, I couldn’t imagine having a business but not having a FB or website… however, some have them and don’t do anything with them, which is just as bad, if not worse.

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