1. Kristen – Love the analogy of not wanting Roseanne Barr to be your personal trainer – I will NOT get that picture out of my mind for a long time. I think that for people promoting an online business, what you’re saying is especially true. When I first decided to get a website so my readers could get to know me, I looked online for web services. Two things struck me – the wide variation in caliber of the various websites advertising website-building, and the ridiculous prices people wanted to charge. As I looked through various portfolios, it was evident that some were true professionals, and others … not so much. I was fortunate to get the assistance I needed at a reasonable price–and I think I was one of the few lucky ones!

    • Why thank you Joan and hey.. when I thought it I didn’t want to be the only one with that image, so I had to share! lol You are so right about the caliber of folks out there.. glad you were one of the lucky ones.

  2. I LOVE this, Kristen! It’s something I focus on every day, both as an editor, and an author/blogger. Walking the walk for me is about being true to who I say I am. And that often presents opportunities for growth 🙂
    Great post!

  3. I love people who practice what they preach and you certainly are a top example of that, Kristen. I totally agree that someone who doesn’t isn’t a person I’d want to hire. The Roseann example is perfect. There certainly have been a bunch of people who advise others on how to be good people but have a secret life of not so ethical or moral behavior. It really should be a no-brainer.

    • Why thank you Beth… I consider that one of the highest compliments. 😉 You are right.. it really should be a no-brainer. lol

  4. I totally agree. The need to practice what we preach is so important especially for service oriented businesses. This also shows that we enjoy what we do when we do it just because we want to share.

  5. So glad you are acknowledging yourself here because you do walk the talk & that was clear to me from the get go when we first met. I am turned off when I go to a social media page & the last post was a week old, or they never reply to comments. I could not buy or listen to a webinar from them.
    I won’t get my hair done by someone with a really bad haircut. I do look at overweight people who preach about weight loss. I make sure I wear our jewelry when out and do my best to not look sloppy.
    Sadly, the folk who need to read this won’t recognize that you are addressing them.

    • You were one of those who have said that about me Roz and for that, I appreciate it. You also are one of the ones who reinforce how I write, what I write and that I write for you, not for me… so that it is understandable. So again, thank you. You are so right about those who won’t realize it’s THEM! lol

  6. Leading by example is so important and if you’re going to teach, or preach, it’s best to follow your own advice. If you don’t, you lose credibility very fast. I see it online all the time, so called gurus telling us how we should do everything. If you do a bit of research it’s easy to see how few of them actually walk their talk and practice what they preach. Great post.

  7. I agree that it’s so important to “walk the talk.” Otherwise, your credibility and integrity go right out the window.

    If you don’t follow what you teach, why would anyone else? They will think you don’t really believe what you’re telling them.

    I admire you for posting that much to social media. I think I’m doing good if I post once a day, which I have been consistently doing for a while now:-)

    • You got that right Dan… you have to walk it… or others may not ‘buy it’ what you are preaching! lol Thanks for the admiration… but 1x a day just isn’t getting seen… unless you are doing ads.. are you?

  8. Practicing what we preach is really the name of the game. When you mentioned other Social Media people, one in particular came to mind that I had subscribed to several years ago. This person sent out a newsletter or blog about once a month! Seriously!! needless to say i have never approached that person to help me out. Interesting that you post 2 times a day to LinkedIn. that one surprised me.

    • Thanks Alene.. you think 2x a day is too much or two little Alene? Yea, SM “guru’s or experts” seem to be a dime a dozen but they really aren’t following their own preachings either.

  9. For me, walking the walk is about being a person of integrity. I know I could never say I am going to do something and then not do it. Or at least not be in communication if something came up and I couldn’t fulfill. I am very much like you and really wonder how some of the people who present a specific ‘expertise’, themselves seem to be only ‘talking’ about it without doing it themselves. Hopefully that doesn’t make us ‘judgemental’ of others, however, how we present ourselves in both the online and offline world, must reflect who we are as people.

    You do walk the walk, and present great value to us in all your posts, Kristen. I believe that integrity and credibility are of the utmost importance. Its so necessary to remember that people are watching and listening to everything we do, or don’t do, even more so now than ever before.

    • You got that right Bev.. people ARE watching and listening and thank you for acknowledging my value as well. That is what I aim to do… so glad I am doing it in other’s eyes.. because just doing it in mine isn’t enough.. it isn’t about me. Thanks again… and I don’t think we are being judgmental to choose not to use someone’s services because they don’t practice what they preach.

  10. No kidding! It matters so much. I know someone who is a “social media manager” who can’t keep up with her own posts. I wouldn’t refer her to anyone. She hasn’t logged into IG or Twitter in ages, and when she does use FB, it’s all canned content. Where’s the consistency? Where’s the creativity? People notice. You are exactly right.

    • Oh yes Jennifer… I can totally relate.. I know a few like that. Or the ones that when you post on their page and you get a response and I look at the date and it was from a week or TWO ago. I’m like wth.. you are just now responding to me from over a week ago? smh

  11. Your blog is one I need to return to over and over. You give great information. When I first started doing social media I had a PA set up a lot of it and then when she quit and went back to school, I was lost. I do fairly well at staying connected, but definitely need to learn more. Great to know that so many people trust that you do walk your talk. Since I work with clients directly several hours of a day, my time is limited and I want to learn the best tools. Thank you!

    • Why thank you Candess. I practice what I preach and I listen… and the listening is what tells me what others struggle with and that’s where I start with my content. 🙂

  12. This speaks to integrity or the lack thereof. Are you a person of your word? Finding that type of person to be in business with is so important to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Agree, over here so often I see social media people talking the talk a lot but then you check out their social media accounts and sometimes they barely have a follower and post not always that often. So I often say that to check a bit of their credibility I go to have a look at what they do on their accounts, especially if they preach Twitter or Instagram. And that’s often a good rule.

    • I hear you on that Kata, nothing like boasting about what to do on social media, but like 100 followers.. WHAT!? Awesome, glad you are staying on top of things.

  14. Kristen, I always like your articles. I agree 1000% with you here. Consistency and walking the talk is important…critical in business success. As a coach, I realize that I MUST walk my talk and be doing what I coach others to do. This motivates me to improve myself and be the best version of myself. I also believe that we just need to be a step or two ahead of others wanting to learn from us:-) Great tips here. I really loved the Roseanne analogy and, as someone who is also big boned, I appreciated your comments about being HEALTHY.

    • LOL Tandy.. yep.. I am a healthy meaty big bonededed (Lol) girl.. so yea.. I don’t want a Jillian trying to tell me how hard it is.. beotch please. lol Thanks and yep… biz coaches need coaches too.. always improving, right! 😉

  15. Kristen, Inspiring article! As someone who has try to find social media help (with dreadful results), your comments really resonate with me. I finally resorted to doing it myself. I am confident that once I really understand all the parts, then I can seek out help. And, yes, i will be looking for someone who walks the walk, cause i will know what it looks like!

    • That is awesome.. know what you are getting into and how to spot someone who can do it for you… and knows what they are doing. Kudos Robin. Let me know if you need any help.

  16. I do believe that when people know that you are not just “talking the talk” but also “walking the walk,” they will trust you and respect your integrity. This is an important foundation of leadership. Credibility brings people together and helps them get things done.

    Admittedly, I do not walk that walk on some info that I share with clients for various reasons (that I make clear to them first). Take social media for example. I do share what is reportedly working now for others with my clients; however, they know that I have not walked that walk and that I am unlikely to do so.

    • Yea, I remember that Rachel, we had this conversation about you and your online social activity… but at least you don’t claim to do it… but just try to guide.

  17. I totally agree with you like the others of having the integrity to walk your talk. But, I’m amazed at your social media schedule. This was an eye-opener for me and something I need to pay more attention to.

    • Why thank you Joyce… remember that with FB, there are heavy filters… Google is keeping Google happy… Twitter, you need a lot to be seen and LI is B2B and not meant to be overwhelming. Thanks so much and hope you found the value.

  18. Intriguing stuff. I tend to believe that I walk the walk because there are things I just won’t do that so many other social media people advocate is necessary to be successful online. I’m of the opinion that if something irritates me then I’m not going to drop it on someone else. At the same time, I’m someone who realizes that not every new thing and every social media platform is for me, so I don’t go to those places, and will write that everyone can’t do everything so pick something they’re comfortable with and go with that.

    As for posting consistently… well, I just recently hit post #1,700 on one of my blogs; I’m thinking that’s pretty consistent. 🙂

    • It sounds like you do as well Mitch! And you are so right.. .because Snapchat, for example is the newest rage, that doesn’t mean you have to be on it. However, if you are in SM, you just need to be aware of it. Everyone can’t do everyone and we shouldn’t.. just pick the ones that work for us. Congrats on the 1700!!!

  19. Hey Kristen,

    Yes, I agree that it is SO important to be doing what you say you are gonna do 🙂 I see so many as well on social media that do not always “walk the walk” when it comes to their marketing. If we want people to come to us for advice or solutions we must be doing what we say we are or else we will have no business 🙂

    Great post!

    • So true Joan… I’m with you on seeing so many that don’t walk what they talk. Thank you!

  20. Great blog post. I know what you mean re social media gurus who don’t follow best practices. I see it all the time and I just shake my head. When it comes to coaching, I often ask myself, “What would Jackie say?” when I am faced with a conundrum or tough decision. I find if I can step back out of my own situation and look at it as a coach, I can come up with the answer. But then I make myself beg me for the answer because hey, that’s just how I am. 😉 xxoo

    • LMAO.. beg yourself for the answer… love it. Great points and glad that you can step out to reassess Jackie

    • You got that right Stacey.. nothing like telling people to post 10x a day and they see you posting 1x a week!

  21. I love how you are so direct and clear. It’s true; we are attracted to what we want to be or to be like, so we should set the same kind of example for the people who will search for our services. 🙂 Heck, the ritas are just a bonus, baby!

  22. Love this! And yes it is something I am still working on, making time for MY business while helping clients work on theirs 🙂 thanks for the honesty.

    • That’s right Leanne and it’s so hard to work on our business when we are busting rear for our clients, right?!

  23. Kristen,
    As for me I say I am Im doing something then I mean what I saying. This is just my character. I appreciate this aricle becuase it shows that we all have to have to post in social media the corrrect times. It also lays out the good scheduled ways that work. too. Good article!


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