• OH yes Susan… often. I don’t get them daily as my spam filters pick up a lot. You also might try blocking them so if they are coming from the same source… you won’t keep getting them.

  1. I’ve seen most if not all of these in my hotmail account. I have learned to check the email address from the sender like you suggest. Can you please make it all go away? 🙂

  2. Kristen,
    I see the phishing and scamming coming to an all time high and what is scary the bank looks exactly how the statement are sent. Keeping ourselves safe is getting a little difficult. Most banking is online or you have to pay a fee. Yes, please make it go away.

  3. Thank you for these tips, Kristen. As you know, I’m one of those non-tech-savvy folks and I have been the victim of email scams before. Getting wiser in my old age – or at least more cautious. Hovering over the address is such a good tip

  4. Cloning from Facebook is something I’ve only learned of recently. My the scammers keep us busy having to protect ourselves.
    Thanks for helping to stay alert and out of trouble Kristen.

  5. I get too many of these phishing scams or spams too, Kristen! I have learned the hard way what to look for and how to alert the companies they are purporting to be representing. I make it a point to forward the emails to the appropriate company, in hopes it helps them to ‘catch’ or halt the scammers from continuing. It seems this is part of the new online world, too many people are trying to scam others!

    • Sadly you can’t really catch them… they just get shut down and restart under another IP or name. Thanks Bev

  6. Several friends of mine have fallen for these scams, and it’s really terrible. The result isn’t just stress and a loss of money. You also feel betrayed, scared, and uncertain whether you can trust yourself! Nice of you to clarify and try to help everyone with such a detailed, straightforward post. I’ve found Gmail to be much better at filtering the junk out (versus Microsoft Outlook). We all have to be so skeptical and careful these days!

    • You got that right Meghan, we ALL have to be careful. Fortunately my emails start at web hosting and then filtered again in outlook.. so double and yet.. they still get through. URGH lol

  7. This information is so important Kristen. I am fairly good at catching them, but occasionally I click too quickly. I think the emails that are so clearly fake make it more difficult to catch the ones that look real. Going directly to the site and signing in is the best bet. Love the fish photo!

    • Thanks about the photo Candess and you are right.. it’s the ones that take the extra time to deceive us and aren’t as blatant that are harder to detect.

  8. Good article! I got a real scary one from Bluehost this week and luckily I sent it to my web developers, they called Bluehost and came back and told me it was a phishing scam.

    Err on the side of caution!

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