1. It means so much when people recognise your work and show appreciation, Kristen. It can keep you on a high for weeks. To think that you have the power to make others feel that way with a few kind and thankful words is absolutely wonderful and when you do that, it puts you on another high.

  2. Great post! Always give without the expectation of reciprocation. Givers always get more back than what they give – even if it’s a feeling of contribution. It’s a good business practice too, some people thrive on just that. You can’t go wrong as a giver.

  3. I love this post, Kristen. What you did was so sweet – I’m sure it made their day. It made me feel good just reading about it! A little niceness can go such a long way – it’s a bit of a business super power, isn’t it!?

  4. Kristen,
    Yes the ripple effect can do wonders for business and life in general. DOing good deeds can help others and it can really make their business expand. Kindness is a practice that comes from the heart and naturally . Thanks


  5. What a great story! You certainly could have responded differently and how great for everyone that you were Appreciative! This motivates me to give today. It’s amazing how we can shift the attitude of those around us just by our words and actions!

  6. This is so true Kristen. A lot of people have it rough these days and are trying hard to make ends meet. Anything we can do to show our appreciation, even if it is only a smile or a simple thank you, can make a big difference. Many businesses try to instill the importance of customer service in their employees. When you can show appreciation for that service it makes for makes for better customer service and happier customers.

  7. There is certainly not enough appreciation in the world. It makes me feel great when i know i have made someones day with a kind word and equally i know how great i feel when i hear a kind word or a client tells me i’m doing a great job.

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