1. This is great advice, Kristen. It can be quite scary and stressful for a business to deal with this. I bet your clients really appreciated your assistance in clearing this up. I’m glad you mentioned the credit card connection with Facebook. Not many small businesses remember this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much Sabrina.. and yes they sure did. Great point, not many small biz understand how it works

  2. This is GREAT info, Kristen! So many of my FB friends have been cloned of late . And like Sabrina, I, too thank you for sharing the part about credit cards and FB. Will definitely monitor!

    • Thank you so much Susan and sorry that your FB Friends have gotten attacked, hope you are now well versed.

  3. Such important advice in this, Kristen. A friend of mine recently had her FB account cloned and found it really distressing. It’s an absolute pain to change your password regularly, but so much easier than dealing with the results of cloning and hacking.

    • Yes Tami, it is easier to change our password than to deal with identity theft, hackers or the like.

  4. I didn’t realize that cloning was different than being hacked. I have come across a few people who have been cloned. Thanks for letting me know I can report them.

  5. My sis-in-law was recently cloned but a sharpie friend caught it early & we were all warned. The friend reported it too. I had never heard of tthis Super important info in this post. Thanks.

  6. Absolutely brilliant advice here, thanks Kristen. I’ve tweeted this out to clients so that people don’t get caught out.
    It’s scary how often hacking happens!

    • It is scary how crazy hackers are. Thanks for sharing on Twitter.. how they see it for Facebook too Sonya. Thanks!

  7. I know my friends get sick of me preaching about this but I won’t stop. 🙂 Every time their accounts get cloned they holler “I’ve been hacked!” and I send them to an article I wrote about locking down your friends list to help protect your friends, and being vigilant about your privacy settings. I tell them that ‘scammers operate out of offices just like call centers with the goal of messaging your friends as you and saying ‘you’ are stranded in a foreign country and have lost all your money – please send me some so I can get home!’ And yet they ignore it and it happens time after time. I know many people who are involved in network marketing and they keep their friends list public – so that leaves their friends list wide open to other MLM’ers who want to be devious. I guess you can lead a horse to water … 🙂

    • Yea, I hear you Becky and my profile is public… so while I don’t know if I have been cloned, but I am surely more vigilant about who I friend, that is for sure. Great points Becky!

    • I used to not worry about it and just accept them, but then it became a bigger deal and now I seek them out a little better before accepting Tandy.

  8. These are great tips. I’ve been hacked, but not cloned. However, several of my family members who are not tech savvy have been cloned and they FREAK OUT when it happens. The sky is totally falling. I’m so glad to have a resource to walk them through what to do step by step. Thanks so much!

    • YESSSS Jennifer.. share it with the world. Most of what I have seen are cloned accounts and everyone says.. you’ve been hacked you’ve been hacked when all it is are cloned accounts.. chill people, report it but sure, change your pw, that can’t hurt.

  9. Holy Cow. There are so many ways that hackers show up. It pays to be wary of ANYTHING that doesn’t feel right.
    I appreciate the tips you provided to put a halt to this type of behavior.

    • Yes, you are quite right Alene… so many ways… and whether we are prepared or not won’t change it… but best to be aware.

  10. Excellent posting. Love to pass this on – Was not aware of some of the pitfalls. I already implement much of your post. I feel it important to use this space for those I do know. Having #’s is not my intent. Having quality is. I want to know more of some people, and request to do so on FaceBook. As I honor them, they in turn honor me.

  11. Wow! I am scared to my bones. I didn’t know that it was possible to do that. I think I should be more careful with my account and the people I add as friends even when they have 500 mutual friends with me. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • You are not alone Apolline.. I have a butt ton of friends too. Just be aware and share with your friends. 😉

  12. Fabulous info and distinctions in this post, Kristen. I don’t think I know anyone who has been cloned, but see many people who have been hacked and very bizarre posts are being made on their pages. I usually report it immediately, but find they are deleted quickly as well. As far as credit cards, I don’t give that info to FB or any social media sites, so I am okay with that. It’s amazing what kinds of ‘dangers’ lurk out there in cyber space. Too bad we can’t all play fair and support each other, instead of attempting to clone, hack and steal from others. Thanks for the tips!

    • You are right Bev, too bad we can’t just get along. lol I’m glad that you are smart enough not to give out your info as well.

    • Awesome, thanks for bookmarking Robin… what platform do you use? Wow, you hadn’t heard of it either? Wow

  13. Great info, Kristen, I shared on my personal profile. Last week, my niece asked to friend me. Strange, because we’re already friends. When I searched for her, I found 4 profiles with different pictures of her. I messaged her (continuing a conversation from a while back) and never heard back from her. Still not sure what happened there. We’ve all got to be vigilant.

  14. I’m happy you chose to write about this topic because it’s confusing to many people! I’m always telling everyone to change their password, which seems like a no brainer these days yet is often overlooked. Thanks for clarifying hacked versus cloned. You’ll save a bunch of people a lot of hassle with this post. Awesome! 🙂

    • So true Meggie and while it can NEVER hurt by changing your password, there IS a difference. Thank you!

  15. Good information Kristen, A friend got cloned and I was able to warn her. It was a request for money of course – stranded in Spain with a sick aunt who needed immediate surgery. I knew enough about her to know this was all fake. Always a good reminder to be alert for the newest schemes. Thanks for keeping us out of trouble.

  16. Hi Kristen,

    What a well-thought out informative post! Thank you for sharing this very important information to all of your readers as this will ONLY benefit you and save you some awful headaches if your FB account ever gets cloned or hacked 😉


  17. Yikes! Sounds like it’s really easy for this to happen! Thanks for the great tips on how to tell and what to do!

  18. Wow, Kristen I have also shared this on my Facebook page as I did not even know that this was a thing, I have heard of hacking before but not of cloning, who knew. Maybe we are a little behind on this in South Africa. Great, informative and valuable information.

  19. Kristen – I’d never even heard of a Facebook account being cloned or hacked until about a year ago. Now, several of my friends have experienced it. If I had to encourage a young person to go into any field it would be cyber-security. I only see an increase in need for the positions (and there’s no heavy lifting!)

  20. This is super helpful!
    A friend recently went through this: Her account was literally cloned, and the faker actually asked me for money, saying she was stranded and all other crap.
    Rather pathetic.
    Was almost hacked myself, had to change to a longer password.

  21. Wow this is insane and scary. I accept a lot of bloggers to my personal facebook account. I am going to be very careful who I accept for now on. Thank you so much for the information!!!

  22. i don’t understand the purpose of cloning every day regular people but, I’ve seen it happen to enough of my friends to know that it’s a serious issue.

    • They do it Rain so they can solicit your friends and by saying I know your friends seems to give them a little credibility.

  23. This was super helpful! I’ve never been cloned, but I’ve been hacked and sometimes I get so panicky, I completely forget what to do! I’ll remember these tips if anything happens again! (Knock on wood!)

  24. It’s crazy what people do these days to cause panic or harass people. It’s awful and we definitely should learn how to fight back. These are very helpful tips!

  25. a few friends have been cloned. i always tell them they weren’t hacked. luckily fb is good about taking them down.


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