1. I can SO relate to this, Kristen! As an author, reviews are huge (and I wrote about that last week :). When my novel came out last fall, almost all of the reviews are glowing. Then a truly nasty one came in. And a couple of other not-so-stellar ones.
    What my book publicist said surprised me. She said it was actually good to have some bad reviews, in a sea of good ones, because it made all of them look more real. When all you have are stellar reviews, people begin to think only your friends and family have read and reviewed the book!
    Made sense to me. And that’s exactly what you’re saying–bury the bad ones with an avalanche of good!
    Love this!

  2. Great tips on testimonials (reviews). I have done this in the past for my organizing business and admin services business and for my clients businesses. I agree making it as easy as possible for the customer and giving them an incentive to add a review are great ways to get them to act on it now. I recommend doing a few mailing lists review requests a few times over the course of the year because people may be busy when the first email gets to them. So they may act on the second one instead. Thanks for sharing, Kristen. =)

  3. We have been successful in asking for reviews from customers. We individualize it with a link to the necklace purchased. Sometimes I’ve asked for a review on our FB page & people seem to know what to do. What I would love is a quick comment that lets me know the product has arrived & they love it. It is an unsolicited review, I know all is well and we have pleased our customer.

  4. Great points here. I will say that if I got Amazon and a product doesn’t have at least a couple of low star reviews, I don’t trust it. It brings real life into view when they are there.

  5. I’ve recently Googled both myself and my business and nothing bad came up, which is good. The only reviews I can find about my business are on my website. Maybe that’s because my business is less than 2 years old.

  6. It’s a great idea to bury bad reviews in a heap of brilliant ones and to ask your followers to give reviews when needed. It doesn’t hurt to have a balance and as long as there are plenty of good testimonials chances are the bad reviews will reflect more on the writers than on the business.

    • Oh yes Tamuria, I often look at the poor review and see how they present themselves, sometimes I feel bad for the business, having to had to deal with them. lol

  7. Good point, I am relatively new business so I haven’t had many reviews, and no bad ones yet. But I love the idea of burying the bad ones. I will try to make it easier for my clients to give reviews. Thanks for the motivation.

  8. Good points, Kristen. I was all set to argue with your premise about burying negative reviews, but when I reached the end, I saw your strategy and agree with it. I also agree with your premise that bad reviews are a great way to educate your customers, clarify information that may have been misunderstood and to show superior customer service. Once again, you knocked it out of the (softball) park!

  9. Great idea if there is a bad review to deal with. I haven’t had to deal with myself however reviews can be so influential. As an entrepreneur I have become more aware that so many things such as this are just a perspective that may or may not be true and to take all comments, reviews, etc into consideration.

  10. I definitely notice if a website has more positive reviews than negative and just expect that the negative (if there are fewer of those) was due to circumstances outside of the business’ abilities to help. I think its a great idea to continue to seek reviews and operate with a mindset of giving your customer the best possible experience. Thanks for the reminder to collect those reviews and to advertise them on my own site.

    • Thanks Jessica. Not only that, but I look at the date… because what if it was poor service at a restaurant or hotel, likely that person isn’t there any longer!

  11. Good advice Kristen. I encountered a real estate agent who had a lengthly negative review. She had tried a service trying to get it removed but was unsuccessful. I suggested she ask for reviews from her current clients which is something she had not thought to do – duh!. Another was a restaurant. We were hesitant to go there, but the food and service were excellent. You bet we wrote a great review.

  12. What great information! I encountered a grooming shop who was trying to bribe people to change their Yelp reviews. I suggested he change some of his customer service policies (and behavior, frankly) and gradually, the bad reviews began to change. I’ll pass this on!

    • Sad that folks have to bribe people to write good reviews. Glad that you suggested making some changes. I will also admit, Yelp can be kind of sheisty too. Thanks Jennifer

  13. Share the good stuff! I love that insight. Early on I had solicited reviews for my book. (from friends and colleagues) I got quite a few.. and they had to READ the book first! We all have people we can reach out to and get the positive reviews we need,
    thanks for a great article.

  14. Great tips. I appreciate the ideas you have to bury the bad reviews. I’ve been fortunate thus far not to have bad reviews and I do host reviews on my site. I also check my name in google monthly to see what’s up. Good food for thought. Thanks!

  15. Hi Kristen 🙂

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing how to deal with those “bad” reviews…..just bury them lol Love it! Simple! We just simply put them out of our minds and do not let them get to you. I have not had any yet, but when I do get them and I am sure I will….I will take your advice and just bury them 😉

    Great share!!

  16. I’ve always heard respond ASAP if there is a negative review, but asking your happy clients or customers for positive reviews just seems smart. Even if you don’t have negative reviews. Thanks so much for sharing, Kristen. Great post!

  17. Kristen – Thanks for this. I’ve discovered that reviews are the lifeblood of an author. I remember reading a NYT bestselling author stating “You wouldn’t believe what I did for reviews when I first started out.” At the time, I thought, “Oh yes I would!” But I agree with Susan Mary Malone, above; a poor review in a sea of good reviews makes them all seem more real.

  18. When I got my first “bad” review for my book, I was mortified. And then, like Susan mentioned, I heard it was actually good to have a range of reviews, as all good reviews, seem “too good to be true”. I found something that Gary Vaynerchuk had posted about how to respond to bad reviews, and I did it and the woman was actually very kind and replied back to me. My book just didn’t appeal to her. I often wonder about people who take the time to write bad reviews, even when they haven’t read the book, or experienced the service. I immediately did what you suggest, and enlisted a bunch of good reviews to counter it. Great perspective in this post, Kristen, as it is always a wise move to counter the good with the bad.

    • Yea Bev.. as much as we want to be perfect for everyone, we have to know, we just aren’t and that’s okay… but surely your book kills it for many.. so focus on them!

  19. Good advice here Kristen – love that you encourage your clients to reach out and/or respond to those who have given poor reviews. Too many trolls online?

  20. Great ideas, all of these! I like the idea of simply drowning out any negative reviews with good ones. I’ve had people complain about things due to shipping (out of my control), didn’t like texture of a shake (after not following directions for how much liquid to add LOL), or just people who expect my services or products to be something different from what I offer (such as quick fixes! no sirree!!)… In those situations, I offer freebies, mail a note with a gift card, all sorts of different things I’ve tried to resolve the issue… and sometimes it works! Other times, no dice – and it just is what it is. Some customers simply cannot be satisfied, no matter what, and I have finally learned to accept this. So I do what I can, but I focus on finding more clients who are coachable and who are willing to leave positive testimonials!

    • Those are ALL great tips and suggestions Natalie and that is the thing, to make the effort, and do so online.. so others see that too… then focus on the ones who want to change… because it isn’t a magic pill or quick fix!

  21. Great advice! I have a friend who deleted a negative comment and then the whole thing blew up… Just burying them with good comments is a much better strategy!

    • Yea.. that’s best.. or to respond to the negative comment w/o escalating it.. but sometimes people will never be happy… so bury them Kimberly. lol


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