1. I never thought of making a list of programs that would need to be installed again if lost. That’s a great suggestions! I can just imagine how a person would feel if all the computer contents would be lost!! Horrible! Great advice!

  2. Wow! You are super organized. I need to fly you out to Virginia and have you work your magic. I do backup to a local hard drive. HOWEVER, even with a hubby in the IT profession, I have not been doing the other things you suggest in this article. The cloud backup seems like a better idea. Girl, every time I read your blog I have something to add to my to-do list! LOL That’s not a bad thing, it just means you’re writing about a lot of important topics. Thanks for watching out for us. 😉

    • You know I’d love to move back to VA! Missing my Va Beach, for sure! I AM super organized, sometimes it’s sickening! lol
      Glad you find such value in the blogs, that I’m writing what people need and it gives you ideas. 😉

  3. Love your articles Kristen! I have always done a hard drive backup to an external drive but then a couple years ago I heard Mike Stelzner do a podcast episode about additional measures to put in place. So I have a similar process to the one you describe above. It has helped me out on at least one occasion when I deleted the wrong folder that had course videos stored in it. Eeek. Moment of panic! Then, phew. Had what I needed in two other locations! Vickie

  4. I thought I was safe with an external hard drive and I was excited I even knew what that was. All the other stuff is way too organized & technical for me but i still feel safe because my partner has everything & so does our webmaster. I can even ask her for a password.
    I have been having very strange issues with my Imac lately, stumping the Sr techs & now logs are going to the engineers. Today is a good day, must be they are gearing up for holiday.
    Always love your blogs & this one is no exception. Best to you on the holidays.

    • I am proud of you Roz.. you are doing great. Glad you have a partner and honest web geek to help you all out as well. That is a GREAT value. Thanks and hope your Christmas/Holiday was fabulous!

    • She isn’t alone Susan…we ALL think, it won’t happen to me.. until it does.. then we beat our head against the wall thinking.. I knew better, why didn’t I! Glad you have yours set and glad to help.

  5. This is a good reminder to get backups in place. I know I really should, seeing as I lost everything last January when my husband mistakenly erased my external hard drive. It’s amazing how overwhelming it feels at first, but now, nearly a year later, I realize that I can indeed live without those things I once thought were imperative. But it is sensible to back things up.

    • Girl… you had better… especially since you lost your stuff before.

      I know what you mean about the…”I can’t live w/o it”… until you have and then it’s like… well, I really don’t need it that bad. We save things for the “just in case” we need it.

  6. Good reminders. I’ve had my computer crashed two years ago and my website hacked this year. Without a backup I would have been sunk. And I confess, I’ve neglected my backup the last few months. That will be top of my list this week. Thanks Kristen

    • It is super easy to neglect to do our backups Michelle and just hit that “remind me later” pop up for when it comes up… but are you willing to do w/o all that stuff since the last back up? It’s usually the recent stuff that you need most, right?

  7. As I am writing this comment, I am backing up my files to an external hard drive. It’s on my to do list each week, but some how I do manage to forget to do it until my computer notifies me; “No Back Ups for 19 days” I suppose it’s time to get better at this! I do use dropbox for all documents/files I use so I feel secure in that respect. One time this year when I had to send my trusty laptop out for repairs, I simply hopped onto my husbands computer and logged into dropbox. I haven’t thought about having a cloud back-up but now that you’ve mention it, it makes total sense.

    • Atta girl… so glad you got yours done Lisa and see the value. That’s what I like about cloud storage (versatility to pop on over to another computer), tho I do worry about the security at times.

  8. Thanks for the list of ways to make sure your computer is protected, Kristen. I do use an external hard-drive to back up my computer, however, perhaps I am not doing it often enough. I do it monthly, as I am not storing a lot of business stuff on mine. I know it will be really handy if I need it and have been doing it since I first got my Macbook back in 2010. An outside source sounds like something worth considering as well and I appreciate the suggestions on which ones to consider. Happy Holidays and happy you know your data is safe and secure…no matter what!

    • Thanks Beverly and glad you have something set up. I would ask you if you could manage w/o the last month of data since you only do yours monthly… if yes, then maybe you are good to go then. Hope you had a Happy Holiday as well… next is New Years!

    • It depends on what you are backing up Katarina. You might not be screwed, but I’d ask you… if you had a major translation project and lost it, would you have the time to redo it? Maybe backing up the big stuff would be helpful!

  9. Having a computer crash is a nightmare. I back everything up on cloud storage. Makes me nervous when it doesn’t always sync right away, but I wouldn’t lose much. Thanks for the additional tips!

  10. This has happened to me way too many times. I learned the hard way and now I store everything on a cloud storage and an external storage. I make sure I have a back up for everything!

  11. Great points, Kristen. I was planning to back up everything to an external hard drive, but my geek told me they, too, will crash. So now I’m on Google Drive, unlimited storage plan. Everything I have done is there and it automatically saves everything I do every time I save a document Of course, if my computer crashes, I’ll have to replace the operating systems, which can cost as much (if not more than) a new computer.

    • Thanks Jackie. I guess it depends on how you store your external. If it is connected to the computer and there is a virus, yes, it could be too… but it doesn’t crash automatically if the computer does. I sometimes don’t really like Google drive.. but something is better than nothing. I know, right… replacing the operating systems are expensive, but hopefully you have back ups of those or discs for them.

  12. Great tips! It did happen to me, and having an old backup only was more than frustrating! Since then I do daily backups even from my WordPress sites, they helped me out more than once…

  13. It took me three crashes to finally learn my lesson about this. I use a mirrored cloud hard drive and also Carbonite now. I think I’m in fairly good shape. 🙂

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