1. Its the little things that really makes a difference. I still love to get snail mail and handwritten letters and they really stick out with me. What you do is great customer services and really does make you stand out like a rockstar! Great post!

  2. I think you’re right, Kristen — it’s all about what you bring to your business — which not includes your passion, but the way your treat people. That, in turn, generates the kind of “genius” word-of-mouth that gets you noticed…and customers.

    • Thank you very much Jackie, I agree and that is so true… it is the passion you have in your business to include the way people are treated, which will be spread by word of mouth how much they appreciate that kind of action.

  3. I agree, Kristen! With your articles and that you are a genuis! I have always felt most comfortable doing business with people who actually care. No one wants to feel like they are nothing more than a dollar sign.

  4. I agree Kristen. It is so important to show customers that they are appreciated. It’s surprising how a little gesture goes such a long way.


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