1. This is so true! I have a friend who’s self-employed and she always slacks when providing services for her clients who pay for the cheaper packages as opposed to the more expensive ones. It drives me crazy, because people are still giving her their hard earned cash. If people are trusting you to do a job, then you need to provide a high level of service and keep your promises, regardless of the amount that is paid. Anything less is a sure way to kill customer loyalty, and you can say goodbye to any repeat clients or possible referrals.

    • Yes, it’s true though, you never know if that person could refer to her 10 other people and outweigh that one “more expensive package” client. I agree, a loyalty killer in the making, she’d best be careful.

  2. Oh yes!! totally agree! loved your phrasing, “if you treat me as a one-time sale, then you will NOT get my loyalty” Loyal is so close to building ongoing, long term relationships – excellent article, great job!! p

  3. Every customer should be valued. I love what you said too like Patricia said about if you are treated as a one time sale then you are not going to come back and I don’t blame you. I don’t either. Great customer service is going to lead to repeat sales for sure. Great post!

  4. It’s all about relationship marketing, not being salesy. You need to give as well as to sell. Show your customers that you care about them. Send a helpful tip or share an appropriate story or cartoon.

    • Exactly, it isn’t always what you give but that you give. Ie, a thank you note is just a piece of paper (essentially) with words on it and a stamp, not a high cost value, but a lasting value they will remember, for sure.

  5. One of the things I did before I sat down to describe my ideal client was to write down why I am someone else’s ideal client. It was a real eye-opener for me. Quality and customer service were by far the top two criteria, and loyalty fits under both categories. As long as I’m treated well and the company continues to produce quality goods/services, they’ve got me forever.

    • That was a great realization for you Jackie and I’m glad you were able to see why you are someone’s ideal client as well as what yours was to help you determine how to better provide for your customer. Excellent!

  6. I’ve considered the punch card idea, but so many of my clients (for my primary business- Mary Kay) aren’t local— and then if I do the card just for the locals, what do I do for the out of towners…. but I DO try to use other customer service ideas to hang onto steady clients— a decade after moving out of Los Angeles I still have Los Angeles clients. I must be doing something right. 🙂

    • There are so many different ways to reward your clients, but the punch card may be something that you do for your locals, so you don’t have to keep track of it, then determine the savings and give your out of town folks something of value after a certain $ amount or something. I am sure you can figure something great to reward them and keep them coming back. True, evidently you are doing something right, but after 10 years, have you changed a brand before. I often think of marriages that die after 20-30 years. I wonder what happened and what changed, or maybe they woke up… so in our businesses, we have to keep on top of it so our clients don’t wake up and change their mind!

  7. I believe in loyalty and also that it pays back. Of course there always exceptions, I had great return business and referrals from clients, because I did great work, gave them attention and followed up and through. That’s what people like, it’s still in fashion for “quality people.”

  8. This was a great read as it is a great reminder that before we had all of these tools (i.e. social media) we had our character and our commitment…

    Thanks again! Glad to have found your blog.

    • Thanks Jean for stopping by and taking the time to comment. And you are right, with all of these tools aside, it is just us, the product/service and the consumer and we are working for them, so make it a great experience. Thanks again!

  9. That extra mile goes a long way. But that personal touch is what really gets me. Knowing that there’s a person and NOT a corporate bot behind it makes all the difference in my own loyalty, no matter what the company or product.

  10. Well said. Fostering relationships and finding the gem in people and their children is the best part of my job. We all have gifts and we all have our burdens. Letting my clients know I care about theirs makes all the difference and results in rewards of all kinds.


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