1. As always, a top notch, right on blog. Where to begin why I think its so timely. Its accurate with great solutions. I often email links & things to myself so I can put them in a folder & find them easily. I’m not that organized but believe in folders on & off the computer. I usually make jewelry on weekends but creative activity never feels like work. Many nights I relax with a book and a few favorite tv shows. So I think I got it handled.

  2. I love your no. 2 tip. Gonna try that one.

    Also taking time outs. I now protect Friday night and all day Saturday, at least.

    After that it’s all day and often into the night –reading tweets and blogs! Gotta fix that part.

    Another good blog.

    • Thanks Sharon. You might want to check out Jackie Harder’s Time Tips, or Time Tips Pro. She has a lot of great tips and reminders about how to best utilize your time. Seriously, you are spending too much time on Tweets and Blogs!

  3. My favorite? #4 for sure. I need a time out each and every week. Great reminder to get that scheduled and never miss it. Having a break from the grind makes a world of difference!

    • Yea, Tanya, I am guilty of that as well… as an entrepreneur and mom, we usually put ourselves WAY last. We have to step up and stand up for ourselves, nobody else will. Keep on yourself with that.

    • I am anal about that too Vicky… in a manner that it is unproductive where I keep checking it and stop what I am doing to check it and clean it out. Working on that though. 😉

  4. First, thanks for the shout-out. Much appreciated. Second — yes. To everything. One of the things that helped me with the inbox deal is knowing that as soon as I open email, I am turning over my day to someone else. Whether they deserve it or not. Good stuff!

  5. Oh I hear you on this one. Tweaking my schedule every day!! I have a full time job too and it is getting close to the point something has to give, but so scary to give up full time employment up for a dream!

  6. Your post sounds very interesting. It is true! Your tips are very helpful to make your business activities in order, save the sanity of the entrepreneur facing mounting of problems or challenges that come in the way expectedly or unexpectedly. Thanks for sharing this piece of information that social media, search engine optimization or marketing for your business are proven to alleviate any stressors in your business.

  7. You speak my language as always! I think the one thing I have struggled with the most lately is a routine which is so not me. I have always been all about having everything carefully mapped out by the day, week, month and year. But it is definitely easier to do when you have no choice but to show up to an office every day. Showing up to my desk in my home with complete control of my day is a whole other story. I can easily put stuff off which, again, not like me. I’m blaming menopause…yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!!

    • Glad to hear it… kindred spirits I think Beth! 🙂 I am with you, usually everything is mapped out and still managed to do that while working from a home office, surprisingly. I get those moments where I just don’t WANNA do it.. I’m blaming PMS! lol So, there we have it! lol

  8. I definitely need to get my crazy in check lol. My husband is always telling me that I work too much. I didn’t realize how much I work until he mentioned that I could bring work with me if I would go away with him for a weekend. Eek!

  9. These are all so helpful. Yep I definitely need routine in my life otherwise I’m wrecked! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kristen.

    Always the best information and a little Humor to make your personality shine through your writing. I resonated with the planning of the schedule, barbecue of the juggling a lot on my plate and my son. There are so many ways that your blog has helped me personally with buissness. Thank You!

    Lori English


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