1. Love it, Kristen! Exactly what entrepreneurs need to hear. Sometimes you want to learn how to do things, but I agree — you should focus your time and energy on those things that only you can do — and that bring you in the bucks! Super post.

  2. Often when I read about “outsourcing” I forget how much I actually do outsource. All my graphic designing and web upkeep, plus of course legal and accounting, are all done by outside sources and always have been whatever I’ve done in my life. I still think of outsourcing as getting a VA or hiring someone to do your social media for you. As a writer, I haven’t quite envisioned how I would let someone else write or create my social media posts or reply on my behalf. Maybe in time, I will have a mindset shift, however, I believe my writing and how I build relationships is really my strength. Now to fully monetize that would be wonderful. 😉 Thanks for the great reminder to play to our strengths, Kristen and leave the rest to someone who does it much better than us!

  3. AS always, love your topics and clarity. Years ago I outsourced the accounting- whew- a relief as long as I keep decent records for her. It’s not exactly outsourcing but hubby does the trips to the post office. I have worked with a SEO/Website Master?coach this past 18 months & we just extended our contract. Stay tuned for some new looks- We do the jewelry, Social Media, product copywriting & trying to learn more. If I didn’t have my person- YOU would be it!

    • Thanks Roz, then you will like next weeks! 😉 I think that counts as outsourcing as you aren’t doing it! Glad you have someone to work with that you trust.. but thank you for selecting me as the back up! 😉

  4. Outsourcing anything that others can do more quickly and cheaply than you is key to building a profitable business. The challenge for most is letting go and many see the expense as a cost rather than a saving. That kind of thinking keeps us stuck with the same old income and working the same long hours. I think what you’ve got to do is outsource one thing at a time, build confidence in the process, but also check you’ve got the right people behind you. You’re right, we have to ‘suck it up’ if we want to free ourselves from the mediocre levels of business that many of us experience. Great post Kristen!

  5. The tough part of being a high Type D perfectionist is outsourcing your “birthed baby” to someone who doesn’t have as much vested interest in my project as I do. Know it is a part of growing a business and that I do not have all the tools and training in all areas so thanks for the encouraging stretch!

    • Oh yes Barbara, I am VERY WELL aware of that birthed baby and that perfectionist mentality.. but trust that you will find someone who will want to work near as hard as you for you…. you’ve got this.. take baby steps!

  6. Very good advice! I know this, yet I can still use improving on staying in my “sweet spot” with my business. This post was a big reminder for me. Thanks so much!

  7. With the nature of my business, I need to outsource to do the important tasks in line with their expertise. They strongly support the operation of my business. Outsourcing is essential. It cannot be overemphasized.

  8. I never fought the battle between doing certain things myself and outsourcing. I know myself well enough that there are just some things that are truly a waste of my time or out of my wheel house. I truly believe I have ultimately made more money as a result of this mentality.


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