1. Sometimes I just have to realize that I can’t do it all and I don’t have to. Many times the things I procrastinate on are things that I think I should be doing when I really shouldn’t. Learning to know the difference is crucial.

  2. I’m good at procrastinating too. It never fails- I can always find something more interesting, more creative and more enticing to do than what must be done. Ugh. And the email list thing is a chore for me too. Been dragging my feet. That’s going to change after we get back from vacation.

    • Yep… same here Jennifer… I can find something easier to get done and off the list/plate or find something that isn’t meaningful to do… you know, FB chat and such. lmao GET ON THAT EMAIL list though.. seriously!

    • Either that, Renee, or don’t do it… maybe it wasn’t meant to be done… or meant to be done, by YOU.

  3. I don’t really think of myself as a procrastinator but occasionally I do put things off and when I really think about it, the reason is sometimes fear. Other times I know it’s going to become an ongoing thing that I’m not prepared to sacrifice the time for, just yet. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

    • Yea, me neither Tami, sometimes I just don’t WANT to do it and that is okay too. I agree, there are differences and sometimes it is a fine line.

  4. thanks for the kick in the you know where. I answered yes to everyone of your questions! I know that when I do hunker down and start the task.. and maybe even finish it sooner than I thought… I ALWAYS feel so good about myself. So here I go to tackle one of those tasks!

    • Yes Alene, happy to oblige with the foot in the rear. lol I had to answer yes to all questions too, you aren’t alone. 😉

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Kristen. There are so many ways we sabotage ourselves and mostly it’s because we’re afraid. I like to tell my time management clients to break the bigs into littles…and celebrate every little victory along the way. And BTW, all your littles should feed into your bigs. Know where you’re going!

    • You are quite welcome Jackie and so right, of course… break up the bigs into littles and celebrate along the way. Woot woot!

  6. A big thing that seems to stop me is the amount of money it is going to cost, vs. my intuition on what the return will be. There are always lots of things to spend our money on and I’m in a place now where I am reassessing what excites me, what I want to invest my time in and then what I need to do to make that fly. As we all know, being in action all the time can end up being just spinning our wheels. If someone is conscious they are procrastinating, then I agree with you Kristen, it’s time to get in action. Until then, I think it is okay to sit tight and wait and see…

    • I think that is a totally different issue Beverley and you are right… when you are debating on whether or not to do something, hold off if the return isn’t worth the project.

  7. Great points! I tend to work too long at one job until it is completely done and put off other jobs. Hard to decide when a job is “done”. Sometimes we just have to declare it “done”.

  8. yes! YES! YEEEESSSS! I work with clients all of the time who are guilty guilty guilty…. I love a checklist, too! Even if it is one big task, I’ll write a list of all the tasks I need to do to complete that ONE task! 🙂 Good info!

    • Yep Erin, right there with you… I have my daily to dos and then a list of stuff that I need to do or get done in free time. When those things sit there for too long, they get deleted as they were never important enough to stay there.

  9. Awesome post Kristen THANK YOU for making me realize that I just need to get off of my ass and stop putting the things that I need to do for my business on hold 🙂 What the heck am I waiting for lol Of course there are way too many distractions as well……FOCUS is key! I know this 🙂 I am also working on a daily to do list so I can do the things I need to do to build my business.

    Great share and awesome tips on how to stop procrastinating 🙂

    • I changed up my to-do list too and made sure I am doing the important things first each day. Great job Joan.

  10. AMEN! I love your article and can relate to procrastination (I guess we all can – lol). When I heard that procrastination is when we vibrate energetically with ‘delay’, I shifted my thoughts and work hard to JUST DO IT!

  11. Love this article. Sabotage is a better word for me than procrastinate. I think I have so many tasks that I get lost. Just when I get ready to begin to create my webinar my website acts up or my bookkeeping becomes an issue. I have several of your blogs bookmarked and with all the great information you provide, I’m confident I will get out of the weeds! Thanks Kristen.

    • That is true too Candess, we, as biz owners sabotage our own success by allowing for things that aren’t necessary to take control. Hope you can get out of the weeds, let me know if you need help.

  12. It’s nice to know that most of us are good procrastinators. I undertake too many projects and then can’t find the time to word on them all. I get one big thing, finished and then I’m way behind on other things. I’m learning to say no to all those enticing email offers and just focus on one thing at a time. Love you A$$ visuall.

    • Oh yes… I feel you… I have such high aspirations to do soooo much Joyce and yep, the same thing happens. Hang in there and glad you love my image! lol

  13. Kristen,
    A great article on Procrastination and It can easy to stay stuck in the same spot, but very uncomfortable for me to be in a place like this. IN this type of complacently I try to perform another task that would be out of my comfort zone so I can break through it.

    Lori English

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