1. Great article, Kristen. I have been gradually outsourcing more things and your suggestions will help me to do more. We need to have the time to enjoy life as well as working. What fun is the money if all we do is work?

    • I’m with you… started my business doing everything and slowly but surely finding things that I can get help with. And you just nailed it.. what fun would millions of dollars (I wish) be if we couldn’t spend it with those we love.

  2. Outsourcing can be great. There may be some tasks you have to do that while not difficult, may be time consuming. Outsourcing would leave you time to do the things that are making the money and really making the business grow. Also, there may be things you need to do that you aren’t too good at. Instead of spending endless hours trying to figure them out have someone else do it.

  3. I thought I had to learn how to do it all in order to decide what to outsource. So wrong. And there are some things no matter how hard I try I can’t get the hang of- like doing great FB ads that convert, so that I have outsourced. As I grow, I intend to do more. PS. I hired an accountant years ago. Smart move as suddenly numbers and I are not agreeing.

  4. A brilliant post. I outsource a little now and when time gets tight I out source a little more.
    I may just need your help again soon.

  5. Absolutely agree! Focus on what gives you the best ROI of your time — not just your money. And speaking of bookkeeping, I would make sure than any bookkeeper is bonded. I made mine get insured before I trusted her with my bank accounts.

  6. Oh, yes!! Outsourcing is great. Just read another article about the fact that you need to use your time efficiently and sometimes trying to figure things out because it is not your strong suit isn’t using your time efficiently. Good article.

  7. I agree 100% with outsourceing. When I owned my personal training studios I was very careful to not spend my time doing what I could hire others to do, The very last thing to “give up” though was the power…. giving others the ability to make the final decisions. Once I did start allowing my team to make decisions though, the entire energy in the studio shifted; they were more invested, happier, and really felt a part of the progress of the business. Now that I’ve switched to an online business, I seem to be back to “doing it all” I think I need some time to figure out what to outsource and what to hold on to….

  8. I think with the way the economy is going, that everyone should have multiple streams of income. I feel that thinking “local” but also using the internet is a great way of outsourcing to get this started. I also believe that your all steps are important ones… especially measuring everything.

    • You are absolutely right Ruma.. especially as small biz owners.. we can only work so many hours.. we need to have products to sell and create residual income too! I love it when folks can keep it local (and in the US). I have tried various sources and non-English speakers aren’t the best option for my needs… blogging, SEO (which is content), etc.

  9. Undoubtedly outsourcing is the latest buzzword now a days. The positive effect of outsourcing has motivated the business owners to such an extent that most of them are now preferring to outsource their non core business functions like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax preparation etc, only to get better and timely result with lower cost. I can say that it is one of the ultimate way to increase efficiency of the business because it reduces the overhead cost of employees, focuses on core areas and also supports the bottom line of the business, which increases the productivity of the business to a significant level. That means in other words we can say that it helps to improves the efficiency of in house team and of business. Thank you.

    • It has been Kevin… because too many of us keep trying to do everything, sadly. It’s valuable, as you noted, to spend out time where we make the most money, and that isn’t by doing all the other pieces. And you can outsource versus paying a full time employee. Huge value. Exactly Kevin.. increases productivity and efficiency for sure.


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