1. What great advice, Kristen! So often we do get lax about thanking those who refer to us, or help us in some way. And especially in this time of Thanksgiving, that’s a great thing to focus on!
    Thank You.

  2. This is a wonderful reminder to show appreciation for those who encourage and help you. It’s easy to get so caught up in what you are doing that you forget to acknowledge those who have given you a hand up.

  3. Are there people who DON’T thank others for referrals, Kristen? Thank you is ingrained in my vocabulary and I do find I use it as often as I can. I also am curious about those who seem to ‘take for granted’ that others will automatically refer people or do something for them, and yet they do not stop to actually thank that person. Great reminder for those of us who do believe in saying thanks, and saying it often, and also for those who might take up this practice in their lives and see how it positively impacts them…

    • Sadly Bev, YES. I still haven’t seen a thank you for wedding gift I gave (handed to since I flew to the wedding) many years ago… I mean seriously?

  4. Being thankful and actually thanking people is a small thing to do that brings great value to yourself, your business and your client or to those that helped you in any small way. It’s important to thank people AND give people a helping hand when you can.

  5. What a great post Kristen and so important to remember!! Showing appreciation for those that have helped us in any way is the only way to run a business, whether it be online or offline 🙂 You are right, it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Wonderful share!

  6. Such a great post; this concept is getting lost in our society, and I want to shout the need to “thank” from the rooftops. I sent 3 wedding gifts this past summer (via mail), and have not received thank yous for any of them. Frustrating as I wonder if they received, but will probably never know:(

    • Yes it is Robin and so sad indeed. I have friends and even FAMILY that still have yet to thank me for in person wedding etc gifts.. umm hello!

  7. Appreciation for everything in our lives, business or otherwise is the only way to live.Your story of the students is very encouraging for our upcoming generations. Instilling the importance of appreciation (and of course living it ourselves) is what makes life worthwhile. Thanks for ending with the Golden Rule, too.

    • Yes, that is so true Alene… WE have to educate these kids to be better… or we are DOOMED from ‘entitlement’ era

  8. YES! There are so many who don’t seem to have any manners or courtesy anymore. I’m thinking of a handful of instances where I made referrals that were very lucrative only to have them be rude to me about it. I could tell you some stories…

    • Oh girl… I do NOT doubt that one bit. I have given referrals to my networking groups and they think because we are all networkers that we don’t have to do anything other than, hey thanks, they don’t get it.

  9. I so much agree with you Kristen. Whenever I get a referral from someone I send a card and thank them for the referral. I also send cards occasionally to clients to encourage or let them know I support them. I also am modeling this with my nine year old granddaughter. Whenever she receives a gift I sit with her to create a thank you card. When she’s older I’ll continue to support her in sending paper cards.

    • Yes Candess, I do the same thing and have encouraged my now 17 and 20 year old daughters to do the same… even if sending to family. And, I send thank yous for referrals and etc… it’s sad more don’t.

  10. Kristen, I’m a HUGE believer in showing appreciation for all things; big and small. I still send hand written notes to people; just because. I believe expressing gratitude brings us more to be grateful for. I smiled on the inside when you shared your story of receiving a bunch of thank you notes from the kids you talked to. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. THAT’s why this post is so important! Love it.

    • Yes, I was quite shocked because I still get people who say to me, thank you for sending me that thank you card… because they are shocked themselves. Sad more don’t do it Tandy and glad to make your insides smile.. did for me too!

  11. I too continue to fight the selfish model. It is about everyone else. When I help the customer or colleague, it gives me satisfaction. I may not receive anything concrete from it, but I am fine with that. Some how it always seems to work out and focusing on others means I am less stressed.

    • Yep, same here Karen and glad you do the same. I don’t mind helping but man it just feels good when THEY take the extra time to appreciate me taking the time out.

  12. Totally agree with this post, I mean how could you not! I even like to thank my clients in small ways throughout the year. Maybe by bringing them a cup of coffee or picking up a book I know they’d enjoy or benefit from. It’s the little things you do that have a pretty big impact.

    • Yep Lisa… appreciation is sadly… dead-er than it should be! Yep… I’m glad you get it… small things… huge impact… forever

  13. I’ve always found thank you’s to be unpredictable. It’s nice if they happen but I don’t worry if they don’t. There’s an old book out there called Give Yourself Away. I read it years ago and have always made it a part of my life. Because the Universe never fails to send you your thank you. I was gifted with a complimentary spa treatment by a friend who thought I looked like I needed one. Ha, Ha!

    • Well… Joyce, I don’t expect them, but you are right.. it is nice. I always do them and they are totally appreciated and unexpected… but it’s sad that our world is so me me me that thank yous just don’t happen… because, after all … YOU should be helping me… duh right? urgh.

  14. Being thankful and actually thanking people is a small thing to do that brings great value to yourself, your business and your client or to those that helped you in any small way.
    Thanks for the great post!!!


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