1. This is really important info. I’m glad to learn I’m not alone in being confused by Google log-ins. I have no idea how to access some of my own user info! Thanks for helping sort it out.

    • Nope, you are NOT alone Reba… Google has made so many changes over the last 3-5 years alone that cause half of the confusion!

  2. This is just truly wonderful. I have my WordPress Maintenance clients create a new WP user for me, so that they can easily delete it once the work is done. That way, I don’t have access to their log in information at all.

  3. Wonderful idea to use video to explain how to give access to your site and social media platforms. This way we can see how to do the steps. Having a separate email address for this makes so much sense.

  4. Hello,
    This is great because you are going through everything needed and this is wonderful content. It’s something I will look over and listen again, Thank You !

    Lori English, MSW

    • YES Kimberly, please stop giving your stuff away. Just think, how close are your passwords that you gave out to your banking info, email address and the like?

  5. Wow! Great information. I especially liked the tutorial for WordPress. I have had several people working on my blog over the years and always just gave them my password. Now I am armed with the correct way to do this! thanks!!!
    also like the idea of a separate email for social profiles.

  6. Love it when there ares video instructions along with verbal commentary explaining a process. Not at the point of sharing my social sites with anyone as yet, but now I’ll know how to do it when it comes to that. Thanks for such clear instructions.

  7. OMG – You went above and beyond with these videos! Seriously. I have struggled with this for years. I usually change passwords before giving them to VA’s and such and then change it back when the project is done. I’m DEFINITELY going to do it your way moving forward. Thank you so much!

  8. Wow. Good advice, especially for seniors and boomers new to the Internet. Very well produced videos. Instead of postit notes, Zoho is a collaboration tool that includes a Note for electronic storage of passwords.

    • YES! I use Zoho for invoicing and I love it. I don’t use post its unless for notes to myself that get transferred to OneNote for the master notes. Thank you.. you are.. one Wise Boomer Chic! lol

  9. Hi Kristen,

    These are excellent training videos on what you need to do to grant access to others for each of your social media accounts 🙂 Of course, it is always a good thing to NEVER give out your own personal log in info and to always make a new log it for those that will have access to your accounts 🙂

    Great share!!

  10. Kristen, I could kiss you for this! **long distance kiss** this is sooooo important! Whenever I ask for ask for access to someone’s site I always tell them to create a new login for me – don’t give me theirs! This is especially helpful if you have something like Wordfence installed and you can see who has logged in when.

    • I’m okay with the long distance kiss… lmao… yes and you would likely get the logins just as much as me, since you are webbie! Thanks Mindy!

  11. Ooooops I am totally guilty of this (I’m putting my hand out for you to smack it)
    I really do need to stop doing it.

    • Stop Stop Stop Sonya! *smacks hand*… now, change your passwords and provide access… moving forward, correctly! lol

  12. Great tips Kristen! I made a mistake once and gave my WordPress password to someone who leaked it out! Little to say about what happened. I am going to save this article for future references. Thanks for the detailed videos.

    • Oh no.. sorry to hear that Apolline.. hope you got that cleared out, learned your lesson and tightened your security, changed your pw and now do it correctly. 😉

  13. This is a brilliant post and so relevant. I had to bookmark and share with others. Can’t thank you enough. Kristen for such great info! I too, must make some changes!

  14. Great point about giving others their own credentials. I admit I have been lax — just give out my own login information. Of course, I completely trust the people who have access. And honestly, I doubt if any of them even have the information any more (or that it’s still valid).

    • I know what you mean Jackie… and I wouldn’t worry about some of mine either… but you never know what happens.

    • Awww, thanks Roz, I appreciate this and think of you each time I do videos. However, for this it really needed to be done in video or the post would have been a mess! lol


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