1. Oh Kristen, you read my mind….I have Aweber since a month but haven’t really got started…am not sure yet how to structure it all. My web guy is not very helpful and I am not good at figuring out the tecnical and practical stuff. So I hsve many questions…?☺

  2. We have a list and they love our jewelry and are starting to read ur blogs. Havn’t gotten them to leave comments yet. Working on gaining new subscribers as existing list were face to face customers & we are looking for online customers now.

    • YAY Roz! So glad you are and they are reading your blogs… no comments yet… you’ll get there.. however better that they read and not comment than not read at all! 😉 Maybe find some forums? Have you figured out your target niche yet?

  3. I don’t really understand HOW to build an email list. Sure, I have people who opt in as a result of paid ads. And Word Press keeps sending me emails of people who somehow signed up on my website, but I don’t know where to find that list. So basically, I’m lost. 🙁

    • Carol, then we need to talk again. The paid ads on Google will drive traffic to your site, but not thinking they are opting into your list. That is something ENTIRELY different, that’s more like spam or those who subscribe to your blogs.. but not a monthly/weekly mailing from a form you have on your website. That pop up box on your website is for your newsletter.. do you send one out? Where do you go to type in the email for that newsletter?

  4. I just finished a course on lead magnets, trip wires and offers and how to apply them to both my businesses. .I was so confused in the beginning, but with the great graphics the instructor provided it all made sense. The list for me pre-qualifies people and saves me so much work in offering them something. Depending on the leadmagnet, that tells me where their interests are and without Aweber, it wouldn’t be possible. I want to check out Active Campaign as well.

  5. Another great post, Kristen. Yes, the list is the moneymaker and it definitely does take time to build. This has been top of mind for me as I continue to re-look at why I am online so much and what I want from all the time and energy invested. It’s about assessing and reassessing and finding what ultimately works best for you and your message. Thanks for the reminder…build the list!

    • You got that right Beverley, it’s constantly about reassessing what we are doing and what is working… but also how to stay in front of our consumers on a regular basis!

  6. This has been become more of my focus in recent weeks. I had tunnel vision for a while to get my course created and uploaded, but now need to work on list building for my course design business and products. I just wish-listed an email list building course in Udemy. Have also found great tips in several of the episodes of Leslie Samuel’s podcast, Learning With Leslie, about using an email service. He uses GetResponse which is what I now have. You hit the mark again with yet another article Kristen!

    • That’s great Vickie… passing along your classes in email form to your customers on a regular basis makes it easier for them and great reminders what you are doing. Thanks so much for wonderful comments. 😉

  7. In this digital age, social media channels or technological advancements are so much more than most of us have ever imagined. They are the means of building your list as a moneymaker and other forms of sources for the eventual growth of businesses. I am sure online experience has improved immensely since different media networks have popped in several years. The concept of using the Internet as a point of sale certainly is beyond question. Day in and out we connect and reconnect both for personal and business purposes. This is the way to maximize the advantages and opportunities of these channels. Building a list entails patience and quality time. It has really to pass on the transition into the mainstream of the online business with the end view of determining what is best for the business.

  8. Thanks for the goose. 😉 I had some internal issues I needed to deal with first before starting on my email campaign, but you’ll be happy to know I’ve started. Great advice.

  9. Spot on Kristen! My list when I had my baked goods company was truly what got me business. I know social media helped but getting those regular reminders via email ultimately drove sales. The same goes for my husband with his mortgage business. He sends out a weekly email and whether someone is ready to purchase or refinance right now it doesn’t matter. It puts the company in their head and who knows?…they may have a conversation with someone later that day or the next that may need a mortgage resource.

    • Thanks Beth! Esp in your industry offering specials and pictures of your baked goods, I could totally see how that would be perfect. Similar with mortgage. A gal her does Brian Buffini stuff and all about top of mind, mailers, postcards, emails and letters… top of mind will keep in mind!

  10. I have spent much time testing out different email providers and great when you can finally connect with one that is simple and provides all the tools we need. Integrating the different sites to lead people to sign up for your list is top priority, I agree. Found the GetResponse suite of tools and training very helpful for me.

  11. I have a list and have been trying to get it to grow. However, I haven’t done anything with it but send weekly automatic emails with the latest posts. I need to figure out how to use my list to my advantage. In the meantime, I will keep getting it to grow.


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