1. I have 2 websites, my own WP site and an affiliate site. The reason I decided to get the affiliate site is to make ordering easier for the customer and also because the people who run the affiliate site (who are not connected to YL) make sure everything is FDA-compliant, which is something I simply don’t have time to do. Pick your battles, I say.

    • Well Carol, I do agree with having the template site for ordering but you can explain it all on your website and then when ready to buy, they get diverted there! Great point!

  2. Before I started my current business, I owned a franchise and had one of those websites you are talking about. I hated that we all looked the same and none of my own personality was on the site. I do understand though that they are trying to “brand”. Regardless, very glad to be on my own and have a WordPress site!!! Now I just need to learn how the heck to manage it! LOL

  3. Many people who are involved with relationship marketing companies do indeed have their own websites, where they craft and design the site to represent them. Like Carol mentioned, the ease of ordering is very key and there are always ways to link from an original site to the master site. Having spent so much time and energy on designing my current site, the trials and glitches were definitely worth it. And designing your brand so it looks consistent everywhere, is an absolute. Both online and off. I guess for some people, Kristen, the ease of getting a cookie-cutter website they can get up in a weekend, is more important than looking original and defining themselves to stand out. The word I keep hearing is that WordPress is just a stepping stone to actually having an HTML site, which really puts you in the big leagues as far as having full control of your site. I moved from an HTML site and migrated the WordPress blog that was attached to it, so that I could somewhat manage my entire site without a full time web person. It was a great decision, although an HTML definitely has its own appeal.

    • I totally agree with the ordering on the template, as it can’t really be done from your own… but it links there and you have the ability to see the product in YOUR words. I would disagree with you on the HTML.. more and more sites are converting from HTML to WP and similar sites.

  4. I know a lot of bloggers, especially in the beginning, who feel like they don’t want to pay for self-hosting but I don’t get it. It is well worth the few dollars a month to own your site and never worry that your content could one day disappear.

  5. Great post. Exactly that’s why I have an issue with popular templates that become hype like OptimizePress was a year or two ago, now it’s LeadPages…. It’s not that I have anything against these brands, they do provide a value for business owners creating beautiful landing pages in minutes, but for me, despite some customization, they all look the same. I so much started to dislike them that after I while I didn’t even opt in when an opt-in page designed with one of these came up. For me that person is looking for an easy solution, without taking a minimum time to at least customize their template…

  6. Great post. We must always remember that people buy us first and then our stuff second. We must therefore find a way to stand out from the crowd. MLM is no different. You’ve got it made easy if you’re involved with an MLM because a lot of the work is done for you. It is however, a mistake if you allow yourself to blend in the background with all the other reps. Be bold, stand out and have a professional image.

  7. Having your own website is key. It’s good to have your own touch and control of what is on your site too. Standing out fr,m others is so important with all the competition out there

  8. I agree and I actually just launched my own website for the reason of branding myself. You are so right, no one wants a tract house so we really don’t want to opt for a cookie-cutter website. Your blog post is great affirmation for me as I’m new to the online world but I think I’m on the right track. Thank you!

  9. Lov’en your “web estate” phrase. I may have to borrow it!

    I’ve got all the pain you’re talking about. My website was a custom-made site but the blog was

    So, now I can’t do a single thing without finding web designer for help…and the blog is limiting.

    I need to strike the whole thing down, now, and invest in an entirely new home base.

    That might take a while, though.

    • Thanks Sharon.. you may borrow it… just attribute! LOL Yep, that’s the catch, it’s not user friendly if you can’t manage it yourself. Starting over is tough… wonder if you can just move your static stuff over to the blog site?

  10. A question I am frequently asked is why do I have my own website and not be on Etsy? Hah- Answer is so simple & you covered it all- cookie cutter look alikes. No way to individualize & they own you. We love the look of our site even though currently exploring some changes.

    Love your tweet this & of course your blog. Have a great mini vacay.

    • Nothing wrong with being on those other… but even better is to drive that traffic over to your website too… huge win for you. Thanks and I did have a great vaca! 😉

  11. As obvious as it is that one should own their webestate, I still see small business owners venture into the rent-a-web platform to save money. The headache sometimes to transfer the information to wordpress and the cost associated makes saving the money at the beginning not such a good idea. I am 100% with you that one should own their web-estate.

  12. I love the analogy to buying a house and that location is an influence it is so true. I have currently signed up with an MLM company and I’m currently looking to set this up on my current site partly because in the Uk I don’t have access to the generic one and partly because I want to have the control and the ability to build the relationship through my blog.

    All the effort you put into growing your business you want to have the security of knowing that someone can’t come and take it away.

  13. I’ve had business people come to me after getting “free” or hosted websites elsewhere, moaning and complaining how they can’t update, that they have no control, that the host’s name is in the URL, blah blah blah. You’re absolutely correct: Get your own domain name. Get your own website, professionally built, and then hire someone fabulous — like Kristen Wilson — to get you going on SEO, keywords and the rest of it. (P.S. You can pay me the 20 bucks at your leisure; I trust you. 😉 xxoo

  14. And here I was, thinking that this secret was between you and me, Cupcake! Gasp! Now everyone will be buying web estate! I may have peeps in front of my Windows ( I know, bad pun there). Thank you again for reiterating what you told me the first time we “chatted” about my site. You are awesome! 🙂


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