1. Wicked cool girlie! You did it! You know I believe this course is a STEAL at that price point. You do everything well & are great at teaching; I have no doubt your new course is valuable and helpful. 🙂

  2. Great offer, Kristen. There are so many small business owners that just don’t want to add yet another task to their day. This is a great option. Good luck with the offering.

    • Yup I agree Sabrina and also not interested in paying someone else to do it either… so they have to do something.

  3. Even though I have a teaching coach, I have always learned from your blog, a video, an explanation. You are an excellent teacher and beginners should snatch this course up. So, the real question is how do you get it to beginners? Moms with at home businesses, mommy bloggers without pages, who else?
    I’ll tweet it in hopes it triggers someone, but it needs active marketing. Targeted FB Ad?

    • I am so glad Roz.. that you continue to learn things from me.

      I am working on getting it out, have added to my email marketing, pushing out on social and the next step IS advertising on Facebook… great tips and I plan to work all angles and A/B test them too… continuously as this is done… it doesn’t end.. but always going.

  4. Congrats, Kristen on bringing this to fruition! It sounds like an ambitious project and that you did it out of a place of passion for helping others “crush” it on Facebook. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge with us all! I know this will be an amazing tool for those who are ready to amp up their reach and effectiveness on FB. All the best with it too!

    • I surely did do it out of passion to help other Beverley and glad you see that. Thank you for your support.

  5. You know, I avoided Facebook for so long but then I realized it wasn’t going away! LOL So, I started learning. One teeny, tiny step at a time. Also known as boot-strapping. Thanks for the great offer.

    • I’m like that with other platforms, Mark… but it’s okay.. we can’t be everywhere. Glad you are seeing the light on FB even though it can be aggravating many times. lol

  6. Sounds like a steal of an offer Kristen. People don’t have anything to lose really. I’ll add a blurb about it in my newsletter that goes out this evening.

    • You are right Rachel… nothing to lose, everything to gain at an affordable price. Thank you so much for sharing in your newsletter!

  7. WOW, WOW and WOWZERS. What a terrific offer, Kristen! Social media is something that every small biz owner struggles with at first…and sometimes continually – lol. This generous offer will help SO many people that need and want to expand their reach to do so affordably.

  8. What a great offer–and what great info for new business owners (and some not-so-new ones who need to get going with social media). Looking forward to hearing more good things from you!

    • Thanks Marie, I am glad you think it is great and looking forward to more stuff from me. Hugs

  9. Hell, where can you get anything for $12 an hour? What a great program, Kristen! You are so knowledgeable I know that people who take your course will get a lot of out it. If they take the action steps, that is…you can give the info but you can’t make them DO it, right? Will be sharing.

    • Anything worth a darn is the catch. Thanks so much Jackie for the compliment AND for sharing. Thank you!

  10. Oh, great! Thanks for the useful tips. Facebook has always been a promotion platform for businesses since its existence and thinking out of Facebook is just like you are out of the world.

    • I always say, Marty, you have to be where your consumers and competitors are.. and that… is Facebook. Thank you.


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