1. Kristen, I liked this article and think it is perfect for people who are dragging their feet about getting a list going. Anyone with a business should definitely have an email list so that there is a good way to write directly to followers. As usual, you gave clear steps for achieving the goal.

  2. Great motivational post for small businesses to start collecting their email list. I have a question for you. Do you know the engagement rate percentage that is considered good for email mailing lists? I heard that is around 30% or more a while back but not sure what is considered a good ROI. I would love to hear your feedback on this.

    • ROI.. well I guess that depends on what your cost is to determine what your investment is. However.. maybe open rate might be something of concern and the point is to stay top of mind for your audience and to continue to stay on their mind. 30% open rate would be great Sabrina

  3. I really appreciate this, Kristen. I do have an email list, but am pretty lax getting the newsletters actually out. Seems that falls by the wayside unless I have a really big thing happen. Sigh.
    One thing I’m not clear on how to do is when I gain new addresses via my business address, how to import those into Mailchimp without importing the entire list again! I am somewhat technically challenged 🙂

    • Maybe think of it as a checking up on your target market… like a letter to your friend Susan?

      Let me see if I understand… you are saying you get email address via your business address, meaning email? So you aren’t actually getting them to opt into your email list but you are volunteering them? Risky, but maybe make it a double opt in or set up a follow up email asking them to stay? You could do what I do and add to your email signature to ask them to opt into your email list.. and get X… might be a better idea. They don’t know what they don’t know.

  4. We had a huge email list based on subscribers that met us at live craft shows. When we switched to on-line and no longer doing live shows, our open rate & click thru diminished. We recently did a purge and they unsubscribed. We are currently in the process of building our list with our target audience. We offer a discount for first time purchase and slowly are getting new subscribers. We also have an email strategy and include new products and blogs. It is all working slowly but working.

    • Definitely I understand the difference Roz… different markets.. but no reason not to keep some of those folks but just on a different list. Anyways, great job.

  5. I wish I’d read this post when I set up my email list as you make the steps so clear. I’m a bit tech challenged so it took me forever to work out all the steps. It’s a slow process growing the list, but I agree it is really important. particularly with the constant changes to social media.

  6. Appreciate your step by step guidelines, Kristen. Email marketing is still strong yet I hear lots of companies dismiss its efficacy so easily. Adding the follow-up message upon initial signup with a valuable takeaway is a small yet mighty customer touchpoint that will help a company stand out.

    • Thanks Mindy and well, I’d be interested to see WHY they dismiss it.. maybe they just aren’t working it correctly. It is GOLD! We are just hoping to show up in social media and hoping folks go to our website… the ONLY way we will be top of mind… is email.. we have to be that constant tough. Follow up messages are great.

  7. great reminder. I do have my email list and lots of ways for people to subscribe. Just finished my first real opt-in and am getting it posted on my blog, web site and of course Social media. I think this will add lots more to my current list.

  8. An email list is like gold in today’s world! I have been slowly building my list and did have someone help me to set up the three-step Mailchimp process for subscribers. I do also have a free gift and then another free gift which I use for list building promos. Building the list is my challenge and I know that I “should” build another list for the newer health and wellness part of my business. It’s a process, as they say. Thanks for the tips and easy to understand steps, Kristen.

  9. I am on it and have all the settings, forms, responder, newlsetter, and freebies and such and such. Pretty cool. . It is been in place for a while and now needing to take it to the next level

  10. Great that you’ve spelled everything out so clearly, Kristen. Wish you had been around when I started. Had to piece meal the info from different sources. Working on a new opt-in freebie. which should be ready shortly, Keep posting – I’m always learning something new from you.

  11. Hi Kristen, I have been working on my list here and there. I have two surveys set up on my website, but it doesn’t automatically invite people to join my list. My web designer said she isn’t sure how to make it happen since I have two separate systems working. . .MailChimp and the survey ap. Any ideas on how I can integrate those two? Just seems like a bummer to have people taking my surveys, but not end up on my list.

    • Thanks Brenda – You need to integrate your two forms with a list on Mail Chimp. It shouldn’t matter if you have two separate systems working… ie – I have an SEO list, social media list via an opt in pop up via one plugin… then my form sign in form in my side bar for another list and then for my membership site there is an integration with another plugin… so it’s quite possible and your web designer should know so you can capture all that information.

  12. Yes I am slowly building my list. As it is growing I am starting to see the benefit of having that list. They are those that are interested in what I have to offer. I will be pinning this.

  13. Hi Kristen 🙂

    Love your awesome step by step outline on the benefits of having an email list! Great tips! Thanks so much for the reminder as I need to be more on top of mine lol

  14. I’ve started pushing out my weekly blog to those on my list, which is a huge thing for me. I totally suck at email marketing, but one of these days I’ll get better at it.

    • YAY! I am so proud Jackie.. keep it up.. otherwise, how else are your followers finding out about your stuff?

  15. Kristen – OK, I’m getting on it. I’ve figured out a way to expand my e-mail list. I won’t bore you with all the details, but long story short: about a month ago, I read an article about nursing in the Huff Post and commented on it. Well … my comment generated several hundred responses! I never responded to any of the responders for fear of losing my job, but now I see that responding to hot-button issues and a reference back to my blog – along with my e-mail sign-up next to a corresponding hot-button article might be golden! (Hope this makes sense). You’ve provided me with lots of motivation and gave me a seed for a game plan. Thx!

    • That is a GREAT story and great idea Joan and wow that you comment generated several hundred responses.. I won’t ask! lol


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