• Thanks Mike. You are so inspiring, I look forward to continuing our connection here with DIYSocial. You are like my mini Koala mentor… but you don’t know it… well, now you do! lol

  1. Great post! a realtor friend of mine said he is old fashioned. He still likes to connect with his circle of influencers and ask for help. His daughter has joined his team. she is 100% social media connecting! Both work, frankly, you have to be comfortable with yourself and how to get out there!! great job! P

    • Well… at least they are getting out there. They have a great base, evidently, within that circle of influencers, but you have to start somewhere. I bet once his daughter starts booming it up for them, he may change his tune a little. I agree, both work… but the catch is… it’s something other than sitting and waiting for it to happen. At least he did the work some time ago to get referrals. Perfect… and thanks!

    • Trust me… I know. I moved to Texas from VA in August and not only started “life” over, but then started a business in a new state. I have to get out there, they aren’t going to come knock on my virtual door unless they know I have one! lol

  2. Good suggestions on “getting out there” To often people think “If I build it they will come” But no is going to come if they don’t know you exist! 😉

  3. While you can’t control your results, you can control your activity, and being in business is all about creating regular activities that can lead to those results.

  4. I just held a fundraiser at our local high school. We had local home business owners come and set up tables. It was a great way to introduce businesses to the local community, and raise some money for the school.

    • Oh, that is another one! Great idea… to go to local Open House or home based business type fairs or craft shows to get in front of more people. Obviously it needs to work for your business, but that is a great and like you said… helped you raise money and expand your clientele but also for the school!

    • Awww, thanks bff! I need to do them as well… but my key is to be sure that I continue! Just because I didn’t get any leads or referrals this month, doesn’t mean that I am not top of mind. It won’t happen over night!

  5. Starting over is hard, I just did it. I moved to another continent this month. I will have to check what kind of networking groups and meetups they have in Germany. I don’t even speak the language that well anymore. My business is virtual so I keep expanding in the US and eventually move into the European market. Great tips!

    • Yes, me too Marita. I just posted on your blog… I feel your pain. It may not be Germany but it is my Germany, since I had never been to Texas and quite honestly the LAST place I’d expected to be (our exes are in Texas! lol).

      My business is virtual too… but still, it is starting over. This transition basically forced me to do what I had been pondering for many months (do what I do for me, as opposed for another company), especially the jobs were in Houston and the commute alone would kill me and my spirit. So, it will be a good thing, eventually… just dealing with growing pains, such as yourself. The good news, we’ve got this! Thanks for sharing! Oh, native Californian too!

  6. Yep! Starting in a new location can be difficult, especially when there isn’t a well established network. However, as long as a plan can be put in place and executed, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and success just right around the corner 🙂

  7. It can be so difficult to get going when you start a business or move to a new area. I agree with Liran’s comment. You can’t control your result but you can control what you do. It’s important to take action. Thanks for the tips.

    • Yes… very true. I was referred by an IT guy at one of my first meetings to a home improvement gentleman… who (before taking my services, but after having a few conversations) referred my to an advertising/website development gentleman – who took my services…. then the home improvement guy came back and wanted to get started… all from one referral.. who I just met!

  8. Oooh loving these tips and suggestions Kristen! One thing that’s very clear is that as a startup, you have to be proactive. It’s tough as a new business but if you want to establish yourself, the only way to do is to stand up, be brave and take on Kristen’s suggestions 😉

  9. Kristen, great ideas for a new and existing business to get out there. Even mature business can benefit from going back to the basics to grow and attract new clients. Great job! – T 🙂


  1. […] Take the business cards for example, if you thought, I have them and I am done now… not quite.  You spent that time and money to have them made, sitting them on the shelf, not quite what you had in mind, right? They aren’t going to hand out themselves. You need to keep a stack in your car, purse, briefcase, everywhere so you can hand them out when the situation arises.  Networking meetings are ideal places to network… but feel free to check out these other ideas to get out there. […]

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