• You are so silly Patricia… I see what you did there! lol They are necessary and we all need to find the “dentist” in our networking to help us grow and hopefully we can do the same for them, with their “pediatrician”.

  1. Thanks, for giving time to feature the relevance of the dentist network. Dentists add value to my life.

  2. Great advice, Kristen. It’s a waste of time to go to networking groups without a plan. A plan doesn’t include finding the easiest person to talk with and chatting the evening away.

  3. Networking events are different from building networks. I think both are important. I would urge caution about being too hard sell at events (depending on the type, of course), as this could drive people off if you’re too sales-y. Would be a great place to say, “Hey, I think we could help each other out. How about we get together next week and talk about it?” Great points.

    • Very true Jackie, we building relationships all over the place for different reasons and yet we also need to build our network as well. While I agree that shoving your biz down someone’s throat just to see if they are a fit, isn’t ideal either, but there has to be a way to get to the point more tactfully and efficiently to better your business. You know, there are good salespeople out there that aren’t coming back to you on every objection by shoving why you must take their product… there are good sales folks out there… it’s just not me. If you want my services, great… but I am not going to chase you for it!

  4. Very interesting analogy, Kristen! I’ve done most of my networking online and have met great people in the process!

    • It was, wasn’t it. I found it to be pretty profound when I heard it as well. Glad to hear you have found a lot of online connections and hope that they are working super well for you! 😉

  5. I agree that it is important to really understand who your ideal customer and using this information whilst networking can be useful. I also feel that it’s best to keep a bit of an open mind when networking because I have made profitable connections from some unlikely sources.

  6. So true! As a recruiter, I’m always on to network talent… but, I am still learning how to do it well for my business. (I tend to get distracted by a great backend story about someone’s career and don’t get out of recruiter mode). So, treating a networking event like any good sales call (plan ahead to have a plan), makes perfect sense! Thanks for framing this out.


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