• Boring? Well, I find it interesting, but I can see how that could be. Like, Patricia, how many folks, after reading your email campaign are landing on your website and where are they coming from? That might be less boring? 😉

  1. Agreed, it’s important to know what’s working. Then the challenge become – how to affect the results. It’s one thing to just look at it, another to do something with it. Thanks for breaking it down.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kristen.

    I use Google Analytics and have to figure out the new Universal Analytics since it’s out of Beta. I need to remove a couple of links (Posterous) that are still listed and no longer in existence. My emails are hooked under one but I thought I did it via my email account. I need to check out Webmaster Tools.

  3. Analytics are so important; I just installed them on a client’s website. We’ll see how everything goes over time. The biggest problem I have with Google Analytics is the massive amount of data available; you help pinpoint some of the most important indicators. Love your comment that just because your bounce rate may be high, it doesn’t mean people are necessarily leaving your site — you’ve just done an excellent job getting them directly to where they want to go.

    • Yes Jackie, nailed it there. Having data can be dangerous too, folks can get overwhelmed easily as you indicated, so I’m glad that I helped you determine some of the more important things to consider! Yes on Bounce Rate, glad that made sense. Thanks!

  4. I love that you pointed out that the bounce rate is not always a perfect indicator of good or bad. When I first started on-line I was taught to keep that number low and it drove me crazy! Then another mentor pointed out that people were signing up for my opt in or connecting with me on facebook or purchasing a producting and navigating to another site, so that bounce rate didn’t really mean I was doing something wrong…lol whew! This is a wonderful post!

    • Thanks Daveda… and I am glad that a mentor of yours pointed that out as well. I always told my PPC clients when I worked in the powersports industry, that we put them on the right landing page. So, a good indicator of doing your job right. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment… and you are doing great Daveda, keep it up!

  5. I found Google Analytics quite painful to get my head around. Fortunately there’s a lot of help on the site. With a little perseverance it’s been well worth the effort. It’s no point putting a website up and hoping it will work. You need to look at exactly how people are using your site.

    • So very true Clive, but as you know, it is worth the effort. I would say, give it a go once a month, that should do you and some of my recommendations are good things to look at, then you won’t be as overwhelmed. 😉

  6. Important info and I really like your comment on bounce rate – I agree that it’s not necessarily a reflection of what’s really going on – good points all!

  7. That’s a HUGE bonus Kristen, the ability to access everything from one login. There have been countless number of times when I’ve been so relieved that I didn’t have to enter another user name and password. Isn’t it amazing how many perks Google has created for us?


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