1. I know this really works for some folks! The thing is, it depends upon how one’s brain processes things. I know people who become paralyzed by the blank page, but can talk for two hours straight without notes. Talk to text definitely works for them! Some of us (me included) find the creative part of the brain just flows with words on the page.

  2. Thanks for this Kristen. I have never used this feature before. I think it could be really helpful sometimes – particularly if I have an idea I want to remember. I actually quite enjoy typing, but I’m going to give this a try for the next post I write.

    • You don’t mind typing Tami? lol I don’t mind either… but my brain and fingers don’t always work together and I THINK I spend more time on Backspace than I should. lol

  3. Kristen,

    Smart tips to shorten the length of the blogging process without losing good content. Thanks for the important useful tips . Appreciate all your Good work.

    Lori English, MSW

  4. Love this time hacking tip! My fingers can’t keep up with my brain, so this might work for me. However, I’m a creature of habit. If I can modify my routine, then this might save me time AND carpal tunnel syndrome! 😉

  5. Now this is a great tip, i just had to tweet it out. Blogging and graphics are one thing that doesn’t take me too long and LOVE doing. But i do know many people struggle.
    I hear you on your typing faster than your brain, i even miss out words because of it!

    • I don’t mind doing it and I kind of like being creative too.. but sometimes I make it take too long. Thanks Sonya

  6. I love this – I’m always using this feature to text myself ideas that come to me when I’m out and about but never thought about using it for this. Although funny, last night on the way to take my son to scouts I realized I forgot my notebook (I was planning on writing while waiting for him) and did not even realize that I could have done this. I cannot wait to try this! Thank you!

    • Yup… that was the same thing for me… like really… why didn’t I think of this before. I’m glad you are excited too Mindy.. you will love me forever now.

  7. This is a really interesting topic. I’ve used Dragon speech recognition software in the past for this very reason. I gave up because I spent too much time correcting grammatical errors. If I could find something that might work better for me I’d definitely give it another go. The only caveat I’d get people to think about when they write a blog like this is that during normal conversation we use a lot of extraneous words. You need to be extra diligent in removing these useless filler words if you want your posts to read well.

    • Never heard of Dragon speech but if it is a software, it must be a big deal. My app is just a simple note taker and use the microphone on your phone. Grammar errors wasn’t an issue Clive. Great point about the extra words – I am guessing you mean the Uhs…. I think that person needs to work on their public speaking!

  8. You’ve mentioned this before. I haven’t done it. I think it’s because I’ve written professionally my entire life and this is how I brainstorm and compose. But it’s good to know that there aren’t too many issues with it. Good deal!

    • Yep… no issues Jackie. So, because you’ve always done it a way, doesn’t mean that is the best way. Wink!

  9. what a great idea. I cannot wait to try it. I finally got out of the dark ages a year ago and started talking my texts and emails.. but never even gave a thought to blogging.
    Thanks for this extremely helpful tip.

    • Yea, you aren’t alone Alene, I had used it for other things, didn’t think about it for blogging… God send!

  10. Excellent Idea! I do have a dumb question . . Once I have composed my information in Talk To Text, what is the most efficient way to plop the information in my blog? I will definitely use this tip.

  11. Hey Kristen
    Whoa Girl! Your post has worked like the first cup of coffee in the morning. What an idea! We writers usually tend to take the long way around everything but like you said this “Talk to Text” or similar tools can actually make us more productive. However, there is a small glitch with speaking and writing process. You cannot use it if you are working full time as a writer in an office full of people. When I am working at home, this tool is going to save me, I know but we need to come up with something which will save time in offices too.

    • Hey there Mark, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Love your enthusiasm! lol I wouldn’t count out the talk to text unless you are in a place like a concert. I have used it in the car or at home with the radio going and I don’t even turn it down. You are putting the phone mic to your mouth… so it hears you loud and clear… give it a go and let me know!

  12. I love this Kristen. I am compulsively creative and use my phone to blog, write articles, and even chapters in my books all the time. My favorite is when I walk along the Spokane River and my mind starts blogging. I talk into my phone and email it to myself. It is so easy to make a few corrections on my computer and post to my site. I love technology! Another way to use your phone is when you have a dream and wake up. You can just transcribe the dream into your phone and mail it to yourself. You’ll be surprised when you awake in the morning and find the dream waiting for you.

  13. Hi Kristen, this is an awesome post and most valuable for me. I have always wanted to find to short cut to writing these long blogs. This may be the answer. I am aware of speech writing software but have never had the urge to try any of them because of the possibilities of grammatical and other errors.

    Thanks again for sharing


    • Awesome, thanks Vinton for stopping by. We ALL want to find ways to trim down what we do and I started this recently, HAD to share! I was concerned about the errors as well and wasting too much time on correcting but I am just using my phone recorder on a notes app… easy peasy!

  14. I haven’t tried it. I type 110 wpm, so I’m not sure that it would save me a lot of time. In my case, it might take more time for me to edit out the “ums” and the errors. My goodness, I get so many errors with talk to text. I have a friend named Gordon who gets changed to “hot dog” every single time. Oh well. But I can certainly see where this would be super helpful for those who type more slowly. I took piano lessons for most of my life, so speedy fingers come naturally to me.

    • I don’t type that fast Jennifer, maybe like half that but my problem is that my fingers and brain doesn’t always work… TOGETHER.. so I find I hit backspace more… and that’s urgh. You’d be surprised on the ums, I just pause and not say anything.

  15. Although a lot of people really do like the idea of dictating their words into a device, personally the creative process flows much more smoothly when you actually put pen to paper. It is why so many early childhood educators are concerned about the future of today’s kids. Writing, is a very different process than speaking and accesses a different part of our brain.

    I personally love writing and having new ideas flow to me as I write. Now, the editing part, that is another story. I love writing it and letting the words flow onto the page, but for me, the editing seems to be where I use the most time. Happy you found this works so well for you and is a helpful tool in creating new content too, Kristen!

    • Good points Bev and that would be natural for writers such as you and Susan… but for us who type more, my hands hurt writing too much. I do hand write notes and such… but this is definitely better suited for me, for sure.

  16. This is a great reminder idea, Kristen. I’ve thought about doing this in the past but never followed through. I have a tendency to write then stop and wait for my brain to pour forth the next flow of thoughts. However, I can also see the advantage of getting things down as quickly as possible when I’m in the writing groove. I think my laptop has voice recording and I’ll have to check it out. Anything, I guess to keep the time it takes to write my blog from becoming a labor of love.

  17. Hmm, another thing on my long list of things to do. I am not a big phone user so to figure it out seems intimidating. I am sure it isn’t or I am sure there is a way to do it on my computer, but just have to figure it out. I think it would be a lot faster than typing. I love to talk. 🙂

    • I love to talk too Karen and you don’t need any elaborate devices or apps… just find a note app and then use the voice memo recorder to take it all down.

  18. Kristen, I’ve experimented with this and it works well. I don’t know why I don’t do it all the time -lol. Another thing I’ve been doing frequently is recording a video about a topic and having it transcribed. Then, I turn it into a blog and attach the video so people have both. I think we all need as many time savers as possible!

    Now, if I can get the perfect graphics to appear, we’d be in great shape!

    • I know, I am with you Tandy and I had the same thought when I first started doing it but NOW I DO use it all the time… and I love it.. omg! Love the idea about a video and the blog… win win.

  19. I have previously used Speech to Text and was surprised that it did not render lots of error to correct. There are situations when it would be useful to create blog posts too.

  20. Had not thought of this and I was not aware that function exists on the phone, unless it’s only iphone or similar. Dragon speech is a software I used sometimes years ago for translation, but it needs a lot of fine-tuning and learning the software to recognize your voice. So, in the end, it was just easier to write. Will check it out though. 🙂

    • I just used the mic on the phone in the texting option Katarina.. no special tools or software, you’ll just want a note app

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