1. Great points, Kristen, thank you. I’ve been told I should be engaging more on Facebook with other business AS MY BUSINESS but have ignored it pretty much. Thanks for the push – I will now start doing that on a regular basis!

  2. Ah! What great tips, Kristen!
    And this one really hit me: “post to your business page and share it to your personal page. This way, if you do get more engagement, the juice will go back to the business page not your personal”
    What a fabulous tip! Will do! Thank you

  3. This is so right on & I’m so glad you wrote this. It clarified everything I’ve learned about the twp & I’m doing all the right things. I can see the folks who are not. Thanks for being so great.

  4. Great tips, Kristen. Thanks for sharing. Recently, I created a post sharing a fellow blogger’s post and included the Facebook pages of the writer and the influencer’s quote and boy did I get so much exposure for my Facebook page. 1ens fo thousands viewed the post and what I took away from this was Facebook loves when you link up with influencers. I got 10 new followers in one day because if this one post. Wow.

  5. Recently I was told to post to my business page and then share the post to my personal page. When I tried, it didn’t allow me to so I am not sure if there is a “new” setting that I need to be aware of. In the past I have been able to post from my writer page to my personal profile, so hopefully it was a temporary glitch. I don’t pay to play and sounds like without the willingness to invest, my page posts might get limited engagement. Yes, my personal page seems to get more traction as you mentioned. Thanks for the clarification and the tips. Time to rethink how I post and which posts to share from my page to my profile. Thanks Kristen!

    • I am not sure why that would happen as I have NEVER had that problem Beverley.. guessing maybe a glitch or something. You don’t HAVE to pay to play but you will get much better reach if you do… boost a post for as little as a dollar a day for as little as one day. Try it for $1! Otherwise, yes, you will always be limited.

    • Beverley, it is either a glitch or a new setting. It hasn’t happened to me “yet” but I have noticed that I cannot switch from personal profile to the business page. Though what you said, I agree! Facebook keeps “cutting off” views from the business pages so as the business owners pay for ads to get to their audience.


  6. Pay to play seems to be getting more and more difficult. I boosted a post this morning and had FB predict an all time low of 240 -750 people might see it. WOW!! For this particular audience, those numbers are a couple THOUSAND short. I do like having a business page and mostly keep business to business and personal posts personal. Great tips – thank you!

    • Yes Brenda and it might be that pay to play is becoming more evident, even if we don’t want to. The predictions might also be on the dollar amount too.. because it has some ‘algorithms’ based on your audience and when they are on and how they are going to show your ad. But yea.. try it tho and see how much more reach you get v organic. Sad, but true. You are welcome!

  7. BOOM! Just like in the face to face world, you need to engage and provide value to see results. Simple, but not easy. The good stuff doesn’t come easy. This is great advice for anyone looking to do social media.

  8. Always such good info, Kristen. Share the luv days really do help with engagement numbers. I haven’t been sharing from my biz page to personal page, but I will now!

  9. My favorite point is post to your business page and share it to your personal page. I hope people realize that it is the best way to do it. Fortunately you’ve told us! As usual, you give great advice and I love sharing your articles

    • Yes, thanks Beth.. there is value in sharing to your personal page.. maybe to reach those that follow your biz but didn’t see it too! Thanks for the compliments! 😉

  10. Thank you Kristen. I am continually learning about Facebook and the best practices. Thank you for always sharing your valuable knowledge, tips and expertise!!

  11. Hi Kristen,

    Fantastic post! Yes, as business owners online, you definately want to have a FB Fan Page as it will help you with your fans and you will get tons of engagement as long as you share value daily and consistently 🙂

    Loved how you laid it all out so people will have a much better understanding of the importance of having a FB fan page for their business 🙂

    Great share!!

    • Yes Joan, we definitely HAVE to have a FB biz page for our business… not sure about tons of engagement… but we have to do the work to get it. Glad you found the value in how I explained it. 😉

  12. Kristen, thanks for the tips. I had been posting to my personal page and then to my business page, but thought it wasn’t a good idea. So, I was just posting to my business page. Is it a good idea to post to the business page and then the personal page in the same day? Or, does Facebook have some rule about duplicate content? Also, if you are not going to pay to play are there any rules about re-posting to FB on different days to reach a larger audience?

    • Thanks Joyce and you can do it right away if you like.. shouldn’t really matter.. but whenever you think about it. 😉 There isn’t a rule about duplicate content.. that is more along the search engines with your website… and it wouldn’t be duplicate because you are sharing it.. not copying like it was your own, when it wasn’t. (Ie, you copying my blog and saying it is yours) You can share or post over and over if you want. I write a blog a week but share a blog a day. Do the math.. I am sharing my blogs over and over, as long as they are evergreen, you are good to go!

  13. Thanks Kristen – And yes, we certainly do have to pay to play for a business page on Facebook! However, I do think it’s money well spent. Even for the crowd of people over 60 years old – they’re the fastest growing segment of social media users (I’m assuming because they’re the last of the holdouts). Anyway, I imagine that Facebook is THE social media platform that they’ll learn first – and use the most.

    • I agree Joan, it is money well spent until we can get them to engage w/o paying. Even for 60+.. and they are climbing, becoming more aware.. totally agree…. love it, the hold outs! lol Easiest one for them to use with the most folks.

  14. Much to Suzanne’s (my coach) chagrin, I do very little on Facebook because I do not like it. I spend a maximum of 30 minutes per day across all of the platforms Mon thru Thu. Not where my clients come from but when things slow down I will explore. Have courses by both Amy Porterfield and Kim Garst that I have yet to crack open 😉

    • I hear you Rachel.. it isn’t as fun due to all of the filters.. but your customers and competitors are there. It is likely that your clients don’t come from there because you aren’t there. 😉 Hope you get over there eventually! Thanks!

  15. The tricky part is that if you have a personal profile used as Facebook business and you are willing to add more people apart from your close friends and relatives, there is a high chance that people will report you for spam after trying to add them. You definitely don’t want to end up with a blocked account for days. As for all the rest you mentioned Kristen, I totally agree!


  16. I can’t believe how many people are using their personal FB account for business! So, I’m curious, does this happen to you (wait for it): someone sends me a friend request, I don’t really know them but they are “friends” with a lot of my existing friends, so I accept the request, and then BAM, they are all about business on their personal account. And that’s really why they wanted to be friends. VERY ANNOYING. Anyway, I’ll step off the soapbox for now and let you know that I loved this blog post. It was packed with loads of helpful, useful information and very pleasing to the eye with your layout. Although I missed an infographic…LOL!

    • Ummm, yes… sadly sooooo many people, they just don’t get it Meggie and I guess they don’t care of getting shut down. And yes, I know about the friends and BAM sell.. LI can be like that sometimes too. Annoying. Thanks Meggie and sorry about the infographic.. can’t do it every week.. gotta keep you on your toes. 😉


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