1. Very helpful, Kristen! The one I struggle with most is #5–you don’t want to piss off your friends. But I really struggle with this. I have a biz fan page, and an author fan page, and a personal page. The blogs for the first two of course go on their pages, but I find that when I put the author blogs on my personal page, they get a lot more interaction. Still, I often feel hesitant about this. Any advice?

    • YES! You don’t want to piss off your friends Susan. Of course your personal page is going to get more action.. because it isn’t as highly filtered by Facebook, but that’s the nature of the business.. we have to pay to play and follow the rules. Post to business and SHARE to your personal so your biz can get the juice from those posts and continuously encourage your friends to follow the business and continue to run ads and boost your social.

  2. So agree with you Kristen, explained this to a group of translators the other weekend holding a small workshop. However, it is still not coming through always. To be professional you need to put in a bit of effort. 🙂

  3. Agree with Susan’s question/comment. I started sharing 1 post from my page daily to my profile. Gets way more reach & often engagement than when it was on my page. I also started [psting a bit more to my personal as I see things I know friends will like & they dont belong on my page. When starting out, this was confusing.

    • I think that is great Roz, continue to post on your business page but share over to your personal on occasion and remind them that you are there.. but it also gives the juice to the business page. It’s just part of a biz on FB… have to follow the rules or run the risk of getting shut down, right?

  4. Like Susan and Roslyn, I find I get way more interaction on my personal page on the same posts that I share on my business page. Part of my challenge is that when I started my FB page many years ago now, I set it up as an “author” page and named it Beverley Golden – Writer. Now I do health and wellness consulting as well as writing, and do not want to start another new biz page. I’m still seeking a way to integrate multiple things onto the established page and don’t feel that starting another new page is the best way to go. Yes, we definitely need a FB business page and the key is to find the balance of engagement between our personal and business pages. Quite a conundrum for some of us it seems, Kristen. Any ideas are welcomed.

    • Of course you are going to get more engagement on your personal than your biz Bev because those are your friends and as they engage with you personally, they will see more of your posts as FB doesn’t filter your personal as heavily as your business because there isn’t money there.

      Maybe you could change your business page to a Bev branded type page offering all sorts of things (internal health coaching ish) and integrate them all.

  5. I very rarely share my organizing or small business blogs on my personal page. Everyone knows what I do and I don’t need to share all my ins and outs with them. If they want to know, they follow my Facebook pages. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  6. Fantastic tips for why it is SO important to have a FB Fan Page for your business, Kristen! As a business owner, it is definately a MUST 🙂 Thanks for sharing your valuable tips!

  7. It’s always a good idea not to piss peiple off…your friends or otherwise. I agree with the other comments I also get more engagement. Do you think this has to do with how many people “see” the post? And Facebook is wanting a business to pay before people see their posts?

    • I hear you Christy, I get more engagement there too.. and usually with those who I engage with.. so yes, like you said… you will have more that see it because of the filters.. and just think, short of STL days.. when is your biz engaging with others.. probably not NEAR as much as you are personally, so it just makes sense we get more engagement… but, the nature of the beast. Yes, FB wants businesses to pay to play = pay to reach their current and new followers… or just get more engaging stuff they say.. but we all aren’t Kim Garst, not always that easy. lol

  8. I am on it for sure….the challenge is to keep up with running a business page effectively and with Facebook changes. I have certainly learned alot. Thanks for sharing great tips.

  9. I warn people about FB jail. All it takes is a complaint by a competitor to FB and you’re screwed. One thing I learned: There is value to your business in sharing from your biz page to your personal page. I’ll do more of that, but not so much as to piss off my friends. 😉

    • I’m glad you do Jackie, many just don’t get it.. sadly and that’s what I say, it takes one person who sees them as a threat to report them. Agreed, there IS value to sharing from biz to personal.. w/o pissing off your friends. 😉

  10. I”m assuming from what you have said, that it is the actual sales promotion of a product or service that should be limited to the business page, but that informational articles and blog posts can be posted on both the personal and business pages. Is this correct?

    • If you have a business, Joyce, you need to have a business page, period… and run it there. However, you can share what you are posting on your business and share it to your personal.. which is better than posting to them both separately anyhow.

  11. True story: I met a young woman (in person) last year and we became FB friends. I noticed she was promoting her business on her personal page. So I lovingly (I thought) messaged her and suggested she get a business page. She took offense and said she could say whatever she wanted to on her personal page. I assured her that I was only concerned that her account might be shut down. She responded by unfriending me. What’s the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

    • That is sad Carol and well, you warned her.. and one day, which I hope it doesn’t happen, she may see the err of her ways… but who knows. Thanks for sharing with her and sorry she didn’t see the value. And.. yes, karma! 😉

  12. I only promote my book on my business page, but for my blog, I post a note that says “Check out my latest blog post” on my personal page. I don’t think this will send me to FB jail. The reason I’ve kept the promotion of my writing to a minimum on my personal page is exactly as you mentioned: to not piss off my friends and relatives! Thanks for the great tips!

    • I’d still post your business to your business page Joan and then share it to your personal page from your biz. This way you get more juice back to your biz. Glad you are cognizant of not pissing off your friends too. 😉

  13. I sure wish that Facebook pages got better organic reach but regardless you are so right on here. I have known people get banned for abusing that personal account. I have also seen people lose their profitable FB groups too.

    The friend thing is such a tricky issue. My work is a HUGE part of my life because I love it so much. Therefore, I wind up talking about it but I do try to limit it.

    Great post

    • Girl.. you know that’s the truth. I am soooo there with you Renee. I wish it were more organic too.. but they are a biz also, so Yea.. blah. Wow.. losing their groups too, had no idea. I completely understand about the fine line between work and biz as many of my friends are clients and fellow biz owners.. but as long as we are doing due diligence ON our biz page. 😉


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