1. Seeing the steps makes it so clear and easy to follow, Kristen and you have good points for why you should do it this way. Your advice is always so helpful. I have the link to the video you made regarding giving admin access to your site on my desktop to refer to easily.

  2. Loved seeing the steps! Eventually, I will do some Ad outsourcing, so good to know how to do without affecting my credit card. Loved the video; made it so easy to grasp.

    • Videos for stuff like this are so much easier for folks to understand Robin. You should definitely be doing ads for your stuff!

  3. Love the video! You already know that Facebook drives me bonkers, so it’s great that you’re helping people figure it out. I’ve run ads for my clients and had to absorb the cost then bill them. I don’t like it! This is so much better for everyone involved. As usual, valuable information.

    • Your are NOT alone on the driving bonkers part… for sure Meghan! I have absorbed the cost then billed for my first few and when the budgets are small that isn’t as big of a deal but now I have a few that are over a hundred and a few hundred and I’d prefer not to front that. Plus, as the budget changes, so does my admin, so this way, it’s easier to change just my admin billing and then know how much was spent on ads – which is flexible!

  4. Kristen,

    It helped a lot for the facebook ads. I know if I need help with this I will be hiring you. The article is packed with great tools, but most people are visual as I am. Thank You!

    Lori English

  5. Excellent Kristen! This tutorial is so helpful especially for those who wish to give access to their Fb Ads accounts. It is amazing how easy it looks yet many of us are unaware. Thanks for this illustration.

  6. With all the new and changing options out there, it’s a blessing Kristen that you take the time to explain it to us in such detail. I always seem to learn better when it’s a step-by-step video process. I haven’t gotten to the point of doing Facebook adverts but you’ll be first on my list when I’m ready.

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