1. I’ve heard excellent things about AWeber. I don’t use it myself, as I have a content management system that includes all that stuff, but I recommend AWeber to my clients. And tell them not to be cheap about it either, because the most valuable thing you have is your contact/email list. Which reminds me…I need to get out a newsletter. Thanks for the goose!

  2. I love your articles…they always have me laughing while learning! My personal experience with Aweber wasn’t nearly as noteworthy. However, It is always beneficial to read what others have to say about services and products that most business owners need or use. I had no clue about the free template; that is really valuable. You’ve reminded me (again, et hem) the importance of an email list and actually communicating with that list. But at least this time I can tell you that we’re in the process of list building and newsletter writing. 🙂 In the end, it’s like you wrote: just do it!

    • Thanks Meghan, I definitely write like I talk and think, well, I think I filter it a little. lol Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t great. I have had a few issues, but their customer service helped. Glad you have your list going, for real and great stuff, it better, for the price you paid.

  3. For years we were so happy with constant contact and for some important reason our coach had us switch to MailChimp. Gone was my 24/7 tech support. Our solution was my partner/daughter who learns faster & figures things out, took newsletter & list management onto her oversized plate. Shes not thrilled with MailChimp, says not an intuitive system- have to agree with that,but your point is not to compare, just build & use.

  4. I started with AWeber, but found it cumbersome. I’ve been using GetResponse for several months now. They’re less expensive than AWeber, have awesome templates and great customer service. I guess that’s why there’s something for everyone!

    • So glad that you are able to find something that works with you. Heard of Get Response but hadn’t known anyone to use it and nor was it in any reviews I was doing pre signing up for AWeber. Glad it works for you.

  5. I’ve never tried AWeber and have been using Active Campaign since the beginning of the year. I do wish I had started my list building sooner, but it doesn’t really pay to look back, so I’ll just keep moving forward! I’ve mainly been building my list through Facebook ads and a free opt in are there other tactics you recommend?

    • Yes, I am with you on the wish I started sooner thing Lisa, but it is what it is… however glad you have started already! You have FB ads and doing opt ins there.. what about pop ups on your website and Twitter? Mention it in your blogs?

  6. Ohh I am like you Kristen…I am getting closer and closer…and thanks to a half price until Oct 31 I will get there within the next week to get the hosting etc for my new blog, and have to dig in with you about the mailing list etc. 🙂

  7. Somehow MailChimp was recommended to me and I have been using it since my book launch. I find the platform relatively user friendly and have had a few people help me set up the email flow for my various signups. Then I can amalgamate the lists into one master list. I’ve also heard good things about AWeber and appreciate your info on how great their customer service is and that they help you design templates as well. I believe I paid someone to help with that, and then I figured it out on my own eventually. List building is so key and having a great service is also key. Thanks for another information packed article, Kristen! Appreciated.

  8. Um, so, I guess this is where I do my usual thing and say, “I haven’t had time,” and you pretty much kick my tail. At least I have your blogs “favorited” so I always get the tips. Can the AWeber folks write my final projects for me? I’m sold if they do! 🙂

    • Yes, Liz… but you need to make the time, only if it is important! Yes, I will be happy to kick your tail. Feel free to bookmark them on your favorite bookmarking site. I like

      No, nobody should be writing your final project… you wouldn’t want their grade, you want yours… it’ll be over soon enough!

  9. I’ve been building my list but haven’t really done anything with it – with the exception of sending weekly blog post summaries. I’d like to get started setting up an something a little more professional.

    • Girl.. you really need to get it going. Stacey, your list is gold… you can’t be online when your consumers are… so why not be sure they see your stuff by YOU sending it to THEM!?

  10. I was never good at email marketing, I find it a little confusing. Thanks for the insight, this is definitely useful information and I could really use some help in this area.


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