1. Great tips, Kristen! I do share a lot of value from my biz handle, but I wonder if I give too much away? Do you have any tips for that? How do you know if you’re giving the right amount?

    • Well Susan, that is a great question too.. so I ask you this.. as you are giving stuff away, are you getting something back in return, like their email address so you can add them to your list? Make that a priority!

  2. I totally agree. Social media shouldn’t take too much time. Planning is a big part of the process of sharing. Schedule time once a week to research and then schedule to share for the next week. Adding this task to your schedule will save you time and minimize the lapse in posts. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. Great tips as always, Kristen. I agree that sharing and building relationships is really the key to growing and expanding our reach and our business on social media. I know LInkedIn is a great platform, yet I haven’t quite figured out yet how to use it to build my business(es).

    I think engaging and staying in conversations on social media is really the most important value it offers us. It does take a lot of time and personally not having an assistant, I find it becomes tiring at times, which is why I only focus on FB and Twitter right now. There really is so much ‘noise’ in the online world, our task is to find what works for us and to keep doing more of the same. And keep educating and offering valuable information, as you never know when you will be the ‘expert’ someone will come back to because of something you’ve shared.

    • LinkedIn is great for B2B and not everyone can use it as well. You are also right that engaging is key as well to build that relationship.. if you aren’t building, then you aren’t growing your biz. Maybe outsource someone who knows you enough to speak in your voice or have some canned things you can use to reply… or heck… like you are doing, focus on the ones that work for you and spend a little time each day engaging. You are doing great Bev.

  4. Great tips! I am actively working on scheduling and batching so it doesn’t take me so much time!

  5. Excellent tips for using social media Kristen. Planning ahead and scheduling really are time savers and I’m working on improving this. It’s so important to work out which of the many platforms works best for your business and to concentrate on a few, rather than trying to do them all.

    • So true Tami, no need to be on ALL platforms, it’s just not efficient. Scheduling and trying to stay out of that rabbit hole is key too.

  6. Great tips Kristen! I think the most insightful idea is that “It’s not all about you.” Mary Kay Ash (Founder of Mary Kay cosmetics) used to say that everyone had an invisible sign around their neck saying “Make me feel important.” Served her well!

  7. Kristin, I love all these tips, especially #3! Providing value is the best way for your ideal clients to get to know, like, and trust you. Thanks for the reminder that we shouldn’t try to do it all!!!

    • Seriously Trisha, that’s the key, we can push out as much as we want but w/o value, it’s pointless. lol

  8. Right on! A lot of people probably think I spend all day on social media. But I really don’t. I’ve got a system that works for me where I can promote what I want in just a few minutes each day. And then a couple of times a week, I’ll sit down and schedule some more material. Like I’m scheduling this one. You’ll see it pop up on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in the coming days! I’m all about making it easy. I love your tips. They are always so helpful.

    • I’m with you Jennifer. I spend the time to schedule for the week and then each day I check my social profiles and might come in near the end of the day again too. Thanks for the tips and for the shares. 😉

  9. I do just enough to stay on ‘life support’ on the social media sites. The bulk of my business comes from referrals, networking (live and LinkedIn) and the numerous events that I attend. I actually had a lot of engagement on Twitter and Facebook a few years ago until outsourced it…engagement dropped off and I just haven’t had the interest/time to build it up again.

    • You said that before Rachel and that’s great that you are getting most of yours from word of mouth and networking. I’m shocked you don’t get more online, but then again, if you aren’t putting the time in, that’s likely why.

  10. Nice to know I apply the 3 tips you gave & they do work for me. I do find that coming up with or creating the osts I want for our different platforms take time, not the scheduling part. I do 7 posts a day on FB & 10 on Twitter, active on Pinterest & IG post irregularly, blog 1x week. It is a lot & my partner does our graphics, photography, copy, maintains website. We try to have 100 products at all times. Our preference is expressing our creativity but we are doing social marketing & without our coach, it would be very confusing.

    • I didn’t doubt you did Roz due to having the right people in your sphere. 😉 Glad you are doing the right things and have a process

  11. Kristen. These tips were a great reminder to me. I am good about sharing my work of course, but need to add more information about the industry in general. Keeping people engaged is so important. I find sometimes that the posts I add in as ‘filler’ are often getting the most comments and likes.

    • Yea, sadly the fillers usually get more than what we want them to engage in.. but keep pushing out great content around the filler Alene.

  12. Great tips! As one who sells in more than one niche, it is always a balancing act of how much to share about each. I have been working on a grid, and your tips will help!

  13. Yes, I am trying to all that you suggest. I have learned a lot along the way too. I have a love / hate for social media… but I could not handle only connecting via in person meetings anymore. So, I guess I love it more. Thanks for all the great info.

    • I have that same love/hate Teresa and I am in the industry.. it is frustrating for sure. You are welcome!

  14. Hi Kristen,

    Loved these tips! Being on social media and making sure you are doing all the right things to help your business is so important 🙂 These 3 easy ways to use social media will definately help boost your business in no time!

    Thanks so much for sharing your value!!

  15. Kristen, I love your tips. I struggled for a long time with feeling like I HAD to be everywhere. I decided to pick a few platforms and do those really well. One thing I’m still navigating is finding my ideal clients in groups.

    • Being in social media I struggle with that too Tandy, you aren’t alone. But I, like you… had determined I just don’t have time. I also struggle with my target too.

  16. Great stuff Kristen! I do try to provide great content and share it out across all social media platforms but find it difficult to get it all under control. There are so many different ways to schedule your posts and tweets but I don’t think I’ve found the right one yet.

  17. I love the idea of social media as I run across all kinds of interesting information. But, really need to get a handle on it and schedule better and write some posts ahead of time so I’m not so pressured to respond. Thanks for drawing my attention back to the basics.

  18. Simple, good tips. I’ve been trying to be more personable in my posts, especially with my posts last week from convention. I get caught between the gurus who say you should talk about what you do and the ones who say you shouldn’t. Head spinning!

    • You should talk about what you do.. but if you did it all the time, every post, you are seeming more salesy so mix it up Carol

  19. I started with trying to be everywhere, now I focus on PInterest and Facebook along with my FB Savvy Circle group. I found that creating a small group of women who want to be healthy has been the most beneficial for me. I am still doing it all in my early stages of my business, but hope to change that soon.

    • Yea Jackie, this is one of those things we all tend to forget, you are not alone! But hey I do for you, you do for me… usually works well.


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