1. Great tip, Kristen. I agree it is important to make the process of sharing as easy as possible and if the blogger can add additional information to images, all the better. People will be more willing to come back and share even more images/content. Thanks for the reminder..

  2. Great tips Kristen. I know my posts do better on Pinterest when I have text on the images and I’m getting better at doing this. I keep forgetting to rename the pics before I upload them but have a big sticky note reminding me to do this now. I use a watermark app to put my URL on each image.

    • Easier to refer back to them Tami when they do have that info on them. I’m glad you are getting better at all of it.

  3. So funny that this is your blog topic. I am getting some templates created and was just thinking that I would begin adding the blog title on my feature images. Going to work on optimizing those images also. Thanks!

  4. We learned this some time ago & it absolutely makes a difference. Often it is the simple steps that don’t get explained and we go forever not knowing. So glad you cover this and all your other wonderful tips.

  5. It appears that when I upload an image to my media library on my site, it adds the URL of my site. I then name the image that relates to my post and then create an alt tag describing the image more fully. Not sure if this covers all the suggestions you made in this post, Kristen. When you say text on your images, do you mean like I have been doing which is adding a quote and then my logo? Even though I don’t personally do Pinterest, I would love to be optimizing my images for those who do pin my posts. Thanks for another tip-filled post!

    • It sounds like you are doing the right things Bev – name your image, alt tag, then image physically ON the image as well as your ulr ON the image. Pinterest is an evergreen social media.. you should consider adding all yours there. You are welcome Bev.

  6. Great tip. This always puzzled me. I’ll share that will do some of the work of adding keywords for you to your graphic. I love using it.

    • That’s interesting Dina, never heard of that.. but you need to be sure you are adding your alt text and text ON your images as well.

  7. Amazing how Google picks up your graphics when they’ve been named correctly.
    I had no idea that adding a link helps too.

  8. Great post and great explanation. This is definitely an area I can improve on glad I have your blog to refer to. I need to break this down to a few methodical steps.

    • Great point Robin, you have so many visuals that could be sent around the internet so you especially need to add your URL’s.

  9. Hi Kristen,

    You know this post really resonated with me because I try and do what you say and make sure that I add my url to my blog to every image I share on my posts. You have given me an excellent reminder and I thank you for that 🙂 THANK YOU! I did not know about adding the text to the image so I will be implementing this on my next post! This is so good to know and yes, just taking that “extra” time to ensure that if your image goes viral that it will lead people back to you 🙂

    Great post and valuable tips!!

  10. Great article and although I do add text and logo/URL to images I set them to the size that looks best on the website and Facebook, which isnt necessarily optimising them. So after reading your other article about optimisation, I am now getting the PSmush plugin. Thanks for the tip!

    • Awesome Suzii and even having the dimensions, you can still optimize them to make the total size right and you will have both! SCORE!

  11. thanks Kristin. I often let this slide when creating my images. I do make sure my photos link back to something on my site but need to be more cognizant of the value and get this DONE!

  12. This is such a great idea! I downloaded Canva previously but haven’t mastered it yet. I love all the valuable information you share. It’s on my “to do” list!

  13. Great suggestion, Kristen. I have only put my URL on one blog post and I didn’t think it looked that great visually – BUT it was my first post to really garner any social media attention. I will have to start adding it to all future posts. Really great idea!

    • Find a general location (say bottom right) and stick it there, make it smaller and it won’t stick out as much. It’ll benefit in the long run Brenda!

  14. I do put text on my images but not my url. Will have to do that. I also create different size images such a pin sized image and hide it but it is there when someone wants to pin.

  15. Hi Kristen,

    I believe most my blog posts include text and my URL. This is super helpful to do if the blog post gets pinned on Pinterest.

  16. I love the tips Kristine. I always just add my keywords to the images but I think I would heed to your advice and optimise them better.

  17. Oh my goodness. More awesome goodness here. I used to only have images in my blog posts; especially the title/featured image. Then, I went the other way and posted the title of the blog article and rarely use images to go with it. Now, I’m going to do BOTH and include my website on the images. Thanks so much for these tips. I need to optimize my pictures too:-)

  18. I could dink around all day and half the night, playing with images and text (alt and other). Sadly, no one pays me to do that to I have to make money, too. 🙂 All great points, Kristen, and explained simply, too. Such a gift!

    • Girl… we could dink around with so much in our business and you of all people know, make time for what works for your biz and SEO is long term. Thank you for the compliment Jackie.:)

  19. Kristen
    A great article on URL Optimization. I really enjoyed the article and referred back to again leave you another comment. I wrote down the important aspects of the article and going to implement them in the next article with my Pictures.

    Thank You,

    Lori English

  20. Hi Kristen,

    I’ve been working on a number of drafts using your advice in this post for my general (writing) interest blog and business blog. I just published my first of several I have started for my general interest blog.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for me on both blogs.

    Thanks for the great information.


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