1. Great advice, once again, Kristen. I’m with you on the hashtags. Wouldn’t things be easier if everyone remembered the Golden Rule in all aspects of life? It’s hard to go wrong when you apply that.

  2. Great post Kristen! Oh how I wish people would follow the golden rules. 🙂
    Do unto others as you want done unto you.
    Be sure when folks do things for you that you reciprocate to them.
    I am in total agreement with you on the Facebook groups. It is always such a shock when I am added to some group without being asked! It is backward thinking for sure. Thanks for your insight.

    • You are right Anne, it is completely backwards… how about hey, let me know about it… then I can decide to join it or not. URGH

  3. Great article, and needed. I know I am still learning some of the etiquette rules of the various social media channels, so this applies to me. Although, I find I am doing pretty good:) It is a whole new world out there, and I just learned from my millennial son that “K” is not good etiquette – have to say “OK”. My was response was OK in all caps K:) Trying to keep up . .

  4. Hello ,
    Good article Kristen Appreciate your knowledge and the reason we tag is for business thanks for sharing the etiquette. ALways a pleasure learning from you. Thank You!

    Lori English

  5. Hey Kristen,

    Great post on social media etiquette! Loved the tip on FB groups! How many times have I got added to groups WITHOUT my permission??? TONS! LOL….people need to realize that social media is all about building those all important R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S and sharing value!

    Thanks so much for sharing the importance of social media etiquette!!

    • You got it Joan… yea.. it’s sad that folks don’t get that an invite offers a choice and regardless the type of Facebook group… it still needs to be a choice!

  6. A great post that I really resonate with Kristen. Yes, having someone add me to a Facebook group that I don’t even know or have no interest in, is always surprising to me. And, I’ve never understood the auto tweets when you follow someone on twitter…I also rarely look at what they are offering either. As far as hashtags I like them in moderation on Twitter and even on FB. I don’t know if they connect more people to my posts on FB, as I’ve heard both sides of the conversation on that. Do undo others…absolutely the only Golden Rule I would hope others are living by too!

  7. I am happy you brought this up, Kristen. I hate those Twitter auto-DMs, and Facebook invites to join groups. I sometimes spend my weekends trying to leave groups and hoping not to annoy those who added me without my knowledge.

    • I get invited to a group and 9/10 of the time, I leave automatically and then auto dm’s.. I don’t even LOOK at them… I feel you Apolline!

  8. Such great tips and huge pet peeves of mine also. I don’t ever log into LinkedIn anymore because the SPAM, holy moly talk about hurt your eyes! Value and relationship building is definitely the way to go.

    • I still log into LI but luckily don’t get the spam you do.. however, I get my fair share and it stinks! Thanks April

  9. There are so many great ideas here. Engaging with our new followers is really the key, right? But without overdoing it with trying to sell something. I still have a auto message for new followers on twitter but social oomph suggested I add a question as part of the message. That actually worked for awhile. I got responses? But lately nothing so I think I will turn the auto message off. Thanks for the reminder

    • Yea… some auto dms might work if you are having a targeted message… but I am getting most of those who are in MY industry who are auto messaging me about their services.. ummm, I do the same thing! Irritating Alene.

  10. So agree about the auto DM’s on Twitter. If new followers send me a personal message, even only a hello, I reply, but I do not reply to auto DM’s. I find it so annoying and lazy to people to send auto DM’s on Twitter thinking you will go and follow them on IG, FB and look at their products on FB without having had no conversation with them. Twitter is all about conversation, and still there are so many who has not understood it possibilities.

    Hashtags should be used with thought behind it too, and it is so easy to read up on how hashtags work on the different channels. Still not many bother to do so.:-)
    And it is really about You, i.e. the client, fan, person in front of you. Still many have not realized that.

    Good article 🙂

    • You are so right Kata… they just don’t get it! I don’t even look at my dms these days as they are flooding with spam (auto dms)

  11. Awesome tips, Kristen. It’s funny that people need reminders about things that sometime seem so basic, but somehow, online, we do! Who would invite someone to a party and then RSVP on their behalf as well?! It sounds ludicrous , but that is what people are doing when they add me to a group without my consent! Online is the new wild west!

  12. Once upon a time, you had to buy mailing lists as a hit or miss way of reaching your market. If you weren’t interested, the mailer got tossed. You had to figure on only reaching 1% of your mailing list. Granted, we exponentially can reach greater numbers today, but the delete key works the same way as the tossed mailer. You hit the nail on the head with it all being about relationships.

  13. “Many find it to be beneficial to auto private message (dm) someone that connects with them but I find that they are always so salesy and I personally, don’t even look at them!”

    …and then…

    “when you auto dm or tweet someone, be sure you follow up or you are defeating the point of social media”

    Amen to that Ms. Wilson!

    I can top that though. I’ve personally responded to most every message I’ve gotten, even if it’s obvious it’s automated.

    I don’t know how many that is, but let’s say hundreds. What do I respond with? Depends on the message.

    Sometimes it’s a question about their services, sometimes it’s a question about their message, sometimes it’s just saying something like, “Hey, that sounds pretty cool, let’s keep in touch!”.

    To date, of those that I’ve replied to, I’ve gotten less than a dozen responses.

    To me, that’s defeating the purpose! If you’re (generally speaking) going to send a message, automated or not, and someone responds…RESPOND!

    In my mind, that’s an opportunity you (again, in the general sense) just squandered! I mean…have we actually gotten so lazy that true interaction is dying? Are we all just “auto responding” to each other these days?

    Sorry for the rant, I feel much better now. 🙂

    • Nooooo James.. I totally appreciate the rant because I totally agree with you and feel you on it. I stop even looking at my dms because they are just that.. and I have replied to a few of them just for fun….that and canned, garbage emails – the ones that aren’t sent from an autoresponder that you can’t opt out of but the ones that are sent from their personal “business” email asking to host blogs for you or use their service or whatever. I, like you… have responded to say.. hey, if you want a real email marketing system, I can totally help you out with that.. you know.. and nothing, sad but funny… mostly sad!

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