1. These are such great tips, Kristen. Every time I read one of your posts I learn something new, get an important reminder of something I sorta knew but hadn’t really implemented, or get inspired and energized. Thank you!

  2. Spoken like a true social media expert! Hope you’re prepared for more social media clients because you’ll attract them with these tips. Social media has got to be the most misunderstood and misused marketing channel ever! It’s funny that businesses believe their content even gets seen these days without a financial investment of some sort (tools, ads, graphics, help), especially on Facebook or Instagram. Good thing they have you to help them!

    • You got one thing right… SM is one of the MOST misused and most misunderstood marketing… and it always will be. Too many think because they have a personal Facebook that they can run a biz. SAD! Thanks Meghan! Glad they have US to help

  3. I can’t imagine a business of any kind NOT having a social media presence these days, Kristen! I love your three final points…reply to every comment, don’t focus on sales, and keep your language conversational! All of these are things I have intuitively known from day one and have continued to do. I also appreciate people who authentically run their businesses this way! Thanks for reaffirming.

  4. Kristen,

    This was a great article and had a lot of tips that I took to heart and plan to use. We use social media to connect with people.Thanks
    Lori English

  5. Every booking and enquiry I’ve had about my arts and craft school, since reopening this year, has come from people who heard about the school on social media. I advertised in school newsletters and a few other places, but all my business has come from what I put on social media. I can’t imagine how any business could attract customers without it these days, Kristen. It’s such a wonderful way for people to get to know you. I’m starting to have some really good conversations with people on my arts and crafts FB business page and people are even sharing wonderful ideas with me to use in my classes.

    • That is awesome Tami… and I’m so glad that it is building well for you. The internet is an amazing thing!

  6. We live in such an amazing time right now! I can’t imagine being able to do a lot of the things that are available to us now that we have the internet and all the amazing tools that people like you can help us optimize and have a real impact!

  7. I do love all that social media adds to our business. You highlight so many more reasons in this blog. It makes me want to go online right now and post something!
    Your enthusiasm on the subject is contagious

  8. These are all excellent tips for being in the social media world with our business. I agree we need to respond to all comments, engage with our audience and build connection rather than focusing on sales. When we build the K,L,T factor, the sales will come.

  9. Great post! That’s one of the reasons not to spread yourself too thin on all the platforms. You just can’t respond to everyone if you’re all over the place but if you get into one special niche – you can make it work and then, it’s such an opportunity that’s available no place else.

  10. True, it is really a must to be on social media, at least on some platform, and to understand how it can benefit you. Especially to get help to learn how to use it, to not use your personal FB or IG profile for business as I see so often. 🙂

  11. You and Meghan were both on the same page this week on the importance of social media. I admit I’ve not been taking advantage of social media. You are very persuasive and will be making me change my ways. Thanks for another great kick in the butt.

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